On the Police Logs - 04.21.11

East Hampton
Kyle Paseka told police on March 31 that someone broke into her Maidstone Park Road house and took her daughter’s iPod and a pair of headphones. Ms. Paseka reported a separate burglary at the house on March 19.
Someone took two metal cable pullers from Stuart Vorpahl’s basement on Muir Boulevard on Saturday, he told police. Mr. Vorpahl said his basement door is usually unlocked but was not sure why anyone would take the items.

East Hampton Village
Christopher Tracey, the principal of the John M. Marshall Elementary School, told police on April 11 that a custodian at the school found a small bag of marijuana on the playground that morning. He requested additional patrols of the school grounds on the weekends.
A 33-year-old Brooklyn man was found sleeping in a cottage behind the empty Prime 103 restaurant on Montauk Highway at 10:30 p.m. on April 13. Police said the building was supposed to be vacant, but that the man was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom. They let the man stay the night.

Two bottles of tequila were taken from Theodore Kellerman’s Fort Pond Road house on Saturday.
Sag Harbor
On Monday night, Deborah S. Tuma told police at headquarters that she had received an e-mail the day before indicating that her Paypal online account had to be updated. After she put in her information, she told police, she noticed two charges on the account that she did not authorize totaling $558 to be paid to Lufthansa.
On Friday, Natalie Wianecki told police that her wallet went missing from her coat pocket while she was at the Sag Harbor Elementary School.

After filing his 2010 tax return on April 11, Ricardo Gobello was informed by his accountant, George Hand, that someone had already filed a return using his name and Social Security number. Mr. Gobello, who lives on Thanet Way, was told by the I.R.S. that it would conduct an investigation.
Kimberly Notel, a police officer, reported on April 12 that someone tried to use her name, address, and Social Security number to open a bank account online. When she looked at her credit report, she noticed two others inquiries she had not made. Ms. Notel, who lives on Highland Boulevard, said she would make a complaint to the Social Security Administration.
When Tamara Arevalo borrowed her friend Salvador Fausto’s car on March 26, she said all four tires were slashed while it was parked at her Prospect Street house.

Kimberly Eads, a contractor working on Susanne Silverman’s Wainscott Northwest Road house, told police on April 11 that when she arrived at the job site that morning, the front door was open and the key was in the door. An upstairs room had been ransacked and $300 in cash, diamond earrings, a bracelet, and paperwork were gone.
Nothing was missing from Jody Bennett’s Bathgate Road house on April 11, her son told police, but both cars in the driveway had been rifled through, and the crawl space and side doors were open.
Sometime between March 13 and March 19, someone broke into William and Laraine Hayes’s Roxbury Lane house and had a party there, the couple’s daughter, Nadine Schlissel, told police.
A window in Leslie Basaldva’s East Gate Road house was broken and two wooden boxes were missing, she told police on Saturday.