On the police Logs 08.25.11

A section of fence and eight 55-gallon garbage pails with lids, total value $588, were damaged at Indian Wells Beach on the night of Aug. 16. Richard Webb, an East Hampton Town Parks Department employee who reported the damage, said a large vehicle may have been responsible.
Veyontac Riley of East Hampton said a man came to G.H. Bass & Co. in Amagansett Square, where she works, on Saturday and yelled at her for parking in his spot at his house. A physical altercation ensued. Ms. Riley told police that the man pushed her and she fought back, kicking and scratching him. No charges were filed.

East Hampton
An iPod, car keys, a G.P.S., Versace perfume, and Guess cologne, together valued at $470, were taken from Esteban Amayais’s parked car at SL East on Three Mile Harbor Road on Aug. 6.
A Dell Inspiron laptop, a MacBook, and a pair of Nike Air Jordans, size 9, total value $1,930, belonging to Kenelm Hughes of Poplar Street, were stolen from his unlocked house on Aug. 16. Mr. Hughes found a can of Goya juice that was not his on the kitchen counter, and a pair of men’s sneakers by his fence. His Nikon camera and a small flashlight were found nearby on the grass.
Two debit cards, a driver’s license, and a Social Security card were taken from a locked car owned by Gustave Papas Sr. of Oakview Highway on the night of Aug. 15.
Lane Brandenburg of Floyd Street said his mailbox, valued at $70, was knocked off its base and broken during the night of Aug. 17.

East Hampton Village
Mark Smith reported a large sinkhole on Aug. 15 on Newtown Lane near Race Lane. Police coned off the area and informed the Village Department of Public Works.
Kira Cohen of Georgica Road reported suspicious activity near her house on Aug. 15. Police found a vehicle on Darby Lane that appeared to be having trouble. The driver, Luis Estrada of Flushing, said it had broken down and he was waiting for a tow.
Also on Georgica Road, Jennifer Berkeley complained of a dog barking incessantly for a week, from Aug. 10 to Aug. 17. The owner, Devon Federicks,promised to try to keep her puppy under control.
Shirley Farber of Main Street said a car was shining a spotlight into her house on Friday. The car left before police could arrive.
A six-foot shark was reported by Merideth Ogilvy in the shallow waters of Egypt Beach on Saturday. Police canvassed the area but saw nothing.
Edward McDonald, manager of Main Beach, told police that a black Mercedes-Benz was parked in a 15-minute spot for too long a time on Saturday. The owner of the car told a traffic control officer that he was there on “official business.” When police arrived, the car was gone. The T.C.O. was advised to ticket the vehicle if it returned.
Lee Felty said that Christopher Daish of Montauk Highway was intoxicated and verbally abusing the restaurant staff and patrons of the Huntting Inn on Saturday. Mr. Daish was standing on Huntting Lane when police arrived, and they advised him that he was no longer welcome on the restaurant property. It was determined that Mr. Daish was intoxicated, but he said he would find his own way home.
Henry Quiroz of Amagansett Drive said that someone stole his wallet between last Thursday and Sunday from his pickup, which was unlocked with the windows rolled down. The truck was parked on Railroad Avenue.
Two Nirve beach cruisers, total value $1,400, belonging to Richard Parkoff of Lily Pond Lane and Lawrence, were taken last Thursday night.

A gray mountain bike valued at $2,000 vanished from Debbie Kuntz’s unlocked basement on Second House Road between July 27 and Aug. 10.
Joseph Parisi, pesident of Environmental Services Incorporated, a kitchen waste-oil recycler, told police a competitor stole 200 gallons of his waste oil from Gurney’s Inn on Aug. 9, and he has video to prove it. Mr. Parisi said this was an ongoing problem and he has reported it to the Suffolk District Attorney’s office.
A locked Santa Cruz bicycle and a bicycle rim, total value $3,100, were snatched from the bike storage area at the Driftwood Motel between Aug. 16 and Aug. 18. Renee Munoz of Mount Kisco, N.Y., reported the theft.
A black mailbox worth $20, belonging to Leyla Marchetto of Old Montauk Highway, was removed from its post overnight on Saturday.
An unlocked black Cannondale bike with red tape on the handle bars, valued at $1,200, was lifted from the deck area at the Oceanside Beach Resort on the night of Aug. 18. Steve Goldman of Sloatsburg, N.Y., reported the loss of his bike.
Katherine Molina of Panama City Beach, Fla., found a slash in the back awning and wall of her tent at the artists’ show on The Plaza last weekend. It will cost $400 to repair it. Also, Tracy Levine of Manhattan said the canopy of her tent, along with two other canopies were slashed, and will cost $600 for repairs.

Sag Harbor
A GT Outpost mountain bike belonging to John Nelson was stolen from the parking lot at the post office on Aug. 17.
Walter Garcia-Serrano said a town beach sticker was removed from his parked vehicle on Meadow Street last Thursday.
Two sliding back-door glass windows were shattered on Bridge Street on Friday, according to Stephanie Cahill. She said she found lawnmower tracks in the ground, and a landscaping company was nearby. Ms. Cahill told police one of the workers had looked at her “suspiciously.”
An iPhone 4 belonging to Julie Albano-LaSalla disappeared from the dinner table at The American Hotel while she was saying goodbye to her family on Monday.

A $300 black iPod was taken from Todd Carberry’s car, parked at Wolfie’s Tavern, on Aug. 13. He told police the car might not have been locked.
Green lounge chairs, a seven-foot blue and white umbrella, and a chair upholsetered in green fabric, together valued at $267, were stolen from Sammy’s Beach between Aug. 13 and Aug. 16. Jessie Phillips reported the theft.