On the Police Logs 09.29.11

A baby-blue 10-speed bicycle, value $200, belonging to Alexander Lehven was wheeled away from Banzai Burger sometime over the weekend.

East Hampton Town
Tire valves on a work truck belonging to Bruce McMaster were destroyed at his shop, McMaster Brothers Inc., on Muir Boulevard on Sept. 20. Mr. McMaster estimates repair costs at about $300.

A white-and-blue dinghy with oars, worth $800, was taken from the beach at the end of Northwest Landing Road on Sept. 21. Howard Smith reported the theft.

A four-horsepower long-shaft outboard and a red gas tank, total value $400, were removed from Ira Barocas’s gray sailboat last Thursday.

A storefront window in a vacant building next to Hampton Design on Montauk Highway was broken last Thursday, according to Laura Santore. It will cost $2,500 to replace.

Karyn Weiss reported Saturday that her blue two-person kayak, valued at $700, had been taken from Babe’s Lane sometime in August.

Citibank debit cards, a New York driver’s license, and an American Express card vanished from Andrea Hufstader’s unlocked car at East Hampton Wines & Liquors on Sept. 19. Ms. Hufstader lives in Manhattan.

A pressure cooker and a stock pot were taken from Rita Alarcon’s unlocked shed on Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road Sept. 19. She said they were worth $2,200 together.

East Hampton Village
Lyle Greenfield reported on Sept. 19 that someone has been placing anti-Obama stickers on stop signs on Further Lane near Two Mile Hollow Road.

Christine Saar said a car with a New Jersey registration double-parked on Newtown Lane on Sept. 19, preventing her from leaving a parking space. A citation was issued, and the car was later moved.

An injured deer was spotted by police on Toilsome Lane near Buell Lane, again on Sept. 19, an unusually busy day for police activity. Wildlife Rescue was contacted, but to no avail. The deer was dispatched on the scene.

Police responded to a complaint that a woman might be stealing a dog on Methodist Lane near Pantigo Road Sept. 20. The woman, Anna Roseberry, told officers she had found the yellow Lab running loose and was trying to secure it. Animal control was called, but could not respond as the dog was neither injured nor in distress. Ms. Roseberry said she would keep the Lab overnight and take it to her vet in the morning.

On Sept. 21, the owner of American Gas told a man that the $20 bill he had used to pay for gas was counterfeit. The man said he’d received the bill from Suffolk County National Bank on Newtown Lane, and the two went over there together. A bank representative confirmed that it was fake. The bill was confiscated and sent to the Secret Service.

Keith Cohen called police on Sept. 21 to say there was an intoxicated middle-aged woman in a black shirt and white pants on Pantigo Road. Police were unable to locate her.

A young child was stuck in an elevator on Lumber Lane Sept. 21. The East Hampton Fire Department arrived and was able to open the elevator.

Chip Dayton said a tan Mercury with a taxi sign on top of it was operating without a taxi license on Main Street Friday. Police did not find the vehicle.    

Someone reported a man wearing dark clothes hiding in the bushes off East Hollow Road Saturday. Police determined that the man was a Cablevision employee.

A caller complained of dogs on Georgica Beach Saturday. Their owner, Hope Brown, told police she thought the dog restrictions had ended on Sept. 15. Police informed her that the actual date is Sept. 30 (tomorrow) and gave Ms. Brown a warning.

Rick Lawler said there were dogs running wild on Wiborg’s Beach on Sunday. Police were unable to locate them.

An iPhone 3G-S, valued at $500, was stolen from Lee Bieler’s unlocked car on South Etna Avenue Sept. 21.

Sag Harbor
Nils Erickson went to Bank of America on Sept. 23 to obtain a mortgage, and was informed he had an issue with his credit. Apparently someone had been using his Social Security number.

Terence Waymouth’s Berghaus mid-thigh-length zip-up coat, value $300, was stolen near the hostess station at The Beacon on Sept. 24.

Nadir Khalid, the owner of 7-Eleven, said an intoxicated man in a black T-shirt and silver jeans spilled a Slurpee in his store on Sept. 26 and left without paying. The man told police he had no money, but he did attempt to clean up the mess. He was asked not to return to the store.

John Gibbons, a teacher at the Springs School, reported that a Sony digital camera in a black vinyl case, value $235, was taken from the desk of Suzanne Janis, a secretary, on Sept. 6.

Ancizatl Cardona heard noises in his front yard on Eau Claire Street Saturday and noticed a man standing in his driveway by his vehicles. Mr. Cardona yelled for the man to move, which he did, and then hurried away on a mountain bike toward Fort Pond Boulevard.