Three Strikes, He’s Facing Deportation

    Wilson B. Soliz-Maruri of East Hampton, who, according to East Hampton Town police, has been convicted twice in the past 10 years of driving while intoxicated, was charged a third time on Friday night.
    At his arraignment in East Hampton Town Court the next morning, Justice Catherine Cahill explained the charges to him through an interpreter, Tania Valverde. The charge against him was serious: aggravated D.W.I., a felony. “Aggravated” because his blood-alcohol content had been s recorded at .18 at police headquarters, and a felony because of his record. Just one prior conviction can result in a felony charge; Mr. Soliz-Maruri was convicted in 2003 and again in 2007.
    He told the court he had lived in East Hampton for 10 years, was unemployed, and looks for work daily at the train station.
    “The district attorney will, in all likelihood, present this case to a grand jury, and will receive an indictment,” Justice Cahill warned Mr. Soliz-Maruri. After setting his bail at $15,000, she asked him where his family lived.
    “On Crystal Drive and in Springs,” he said.
    “Is there some possibility that they will post the bail?”
    Mr. Soliz-Maruri looked down, shaking his head. “No,” he said.
    He then spoke quietly to Ms. Valverde, who works as a translator for the court when she is not working as a real estate broker for Prudential. She is fluent in five languages.
    “He would like to know if he can talk to his family. He would like to know if he can let them know,” Ms. Valverde said.
    Justice Cahill said he would be given every opportunity to call them.
    “If he doesn’t pay the bail, is he going to be deported?” Ms. Valverde asked.
    “With this being the third alcohol-related offence, I can’t imagine they will look too kindly on it,” the justice said, while cautioning that she was not in a position to speak to his immigration status.
    “He would like to give his car to his brother,” Ms. Valverde said. Mr. Soliz-Maruri has several brothers living in East Hampton, as well as his wife, and a daughter by another woman.
    Officer David Martin Jr., who, with Officer Dennis Shea, was guarding those who were being arraigned, told the court that Mr. Soliz-Maruri’s car had been seized by Suffolk County because of his two prior convictions. “The county comes and takes the car,” he said. Because the car had been registered to Mr. Soliz-Maruri, he had forfeited it to the county.
    Mr. Soliz-Maruri said he would like to give his tools to his brother.
    “His tools will be secured in his vehicle,” the officer said, adding that they would be released to a family member, who would be allowed to take Mr. Soliz-Maruriís possessions from the car.
    “Any other questions,?” Justice Cahill asked.
    There were none, and Mr. Soliz-Maruri was led away.
    Jose B. Maria-Jiminez, 24, of East Hampton, was arrested after allegedly crashing his car into roadside shrubbery on Morris Park Lane in East Hampton on the night of Sept. 11. An officer reportedly found him standing on the road. A witness at the scene told police that Mr.  Maria-Jiminez had been the driver. Mr. Maria-Jimenez failed roadside sobriety tests, police said, and was taken to headquarters, where his blood-alcohol content was recorded at .18, the level where a simple D.W.I. charge becomes “aggravated.”
    Mr. Maria-Jiminez was convicted of drunken driving in January 2008, making this D.W.I. charge a felony as well. He was also arrested in April of this year for allegedly choking and punching an 18-year-old woman.
    Justice Cahill set bail the next morning at $10,000.
    Yet another felony D.W.I. arrest happened early last Friday, when town police stopped Carlos S. Chacon, 29, on Three Mile Harbor Road for allegedly speeding and swerving across lane lines. Mr. Chacon was convicted in May 2008 of drunken driving. Mr. Chacon’s car was impounded by the county. His blood-alcohol content was reported to be .11
    Bail was set at $3,000.
    Christopher Filomio of Long Beach was arrested and charged with D.W.I. on Friday night on Flamingo Avenue in Montauk. He allegedly failed roadside sobriety tests, then refused to take the station-house breath test, resulting in an automatic one-year suspension of his license.
    Standing before Justice Cahill the next morning, he stood up straight and addressed her as “your honor.”
    “Were you in the military?” she asked. “You’re very respectful.”
    Mr. Filomio responded that his father, who was seated in the court behind him, was responsible for his manners.
    “You did a good job with your son,” said Justice Cahill, as she set bail at $300.
    Brendan M. Sullivan, 23, of Manhattan, was arrested on Edgemere Road in Montauk a little after 2 a.m. on Sunday after being pulled over for allegedly driving without headlights as well as swerving across the lines. Three friends were seated in the courtroom, ready to post bail, which Justice Cahill set at $300.
    Mr. Sullivan had refused the station-house breath test. When he was asked to provide a driver’s license to the court, he said, “I do not have a driver’s license.”
    Justice Cahill commented it was just as well, since it would have been suspended anyway.
    Alexander M. Bruce, 48, currently of California, told the court during her D.W.I. arraignment on Sunday morning that she was about to sign a lease on a house. She’d been deciding between a house in Southampton and one in East Hampton, she said. She was pulled over on Old Stone Highway in Springs earlier that day, at about 2:15 a.m., for crossing lane lines into oncoming traffic.
    “I was going to take a look at the house to see what it looks like. That was stupid,” she told the court.
    “Now you have bad energy on East Hampton?” Justice Cahill asked. Ms. Bruce indicated she would probably be moving to Southampton.
    Bail was set at $300.
    Police arrested Islami Enver, 44, at 1 a.m. last Thursday after reportedly spotting him driving a 2012 Audi 45 miles per hour on North Main Street, East Hampton, where the limit is 30 m.p.h. He was pulled over on Three Mile Harbor, just off North Main.
    His blood-alcohol content was reported at .17. Due to his community ties in the area he was released without bail, but with a future date in court.