On the Police Logs 10.18.12

East Hampton

Joe Hren III reported that a large “Trees for Sale” sign was stolen from the Hren Nursery on Montauk Highway the night of Oct. 5. The nursery is for sale and is closed.

Kuesune Brodie of Floyd Street told police last Friday that his $600 leaf blower had been stolen shortly after noon that day. He’d left it on his lawn near the sidewalk for about half an hour while he ran a few errands.

A similar theft was reported last Thursday by a Bow Oarsman Road resident, Thomas Bock, who told police his lawn equipment, valued at $2,000, was taken from a trailer parked on his property. He said it could have happened as long ago as Sept. 27.

A neighbor of Bistrian’s sand pit, Paul Giardina, complained that teenagers on dirt bikes were using his property to access the pit last Saturday, despite the clear presence of No Trespassing signs. Police investigated but did not find the culprits.

East Hampton Village

An iPhone was reported stolen from a student’s locker at the Middle School on Oct. 9.

Last Thursday, a little before midnight, an officer on patrol discovered the back door of Scoop du Jour on Newtown Lane was ajar. The officer checked inside and all seemed secure, including the tub of vanilla peanut butter yogurt, the ice cream parlor’s most popular flavor, according to the store’s manager, speaking on Monday.


Michael Morris of Montauk placed his Canyon replica twin-fin surfboard by the garbage Dumpster outside the 7-Eleven Friday evening while he went shopping inside. Fifteen minutes later, he emerged from the store to find the board gone. Police reviewed the store’s surveillance tape, which showed a man putting the board in a car and driving away. After a license plate check they contacted the car’s owner, who said he’d thought the board abandoned, since it was by the Dumpster. He returned the board to Mr. Morris.

A house on Taft Drive rented by employees at South Edison restaurant has been hit twice by thieves between Sept. 17 and last Saturday. Ryan Francis, a tenant, who reported the incidents, told police he kept his cash in a suitcase and on two occasions some of it, but not all, was taken. The total stolen is about $5,000. The doors and rooms in the house are always unlocked, he said. Mr. Francis named a former employee, who knew about the money in the suitcase, as a possible suspect.

Last Saturday afternoon a West Babylon woman, Katie Jackson, told police that her bluejeans, described as Abercrombie skinny jeans and valued at $98, were stolen from her duffle bag in her locked room at the Oceanside Beach Resort. Police are investigating.

Larry Corwin, the maintenance man at the Wave Crest II, reported that between Oct. 5 and Oct. 9 someone had pried open a steel door and reset the power to rooms where it had been shut off. Police learned that  Mr. Corwin himself had shut the power off to tenants who, according to the report, were behind in their rent. He was advised that he could press charges, but that if he did so he would face a charge of unlawful eviction. He was encouraged to take the matter to civil court.


A Springs substitute teacher, Robert Vetter Jr., found one of his car’s tires slashed last week. The car was parked outside the school.

A Boatheader’s Lane couple reported on Friday that over the course of the past year $7,500 worth of miscellaneous items had been removed from their house. There was no sign of a break-in, they said, and the house was locked. They will not be allowed to change their locks, the report says. The house is located in Whalebone Village, which belongs to East Hampton Town.

Jose Arandia of Cowhill Lane told police that someone with a knife had slashed the soft roof of his vintage Mercedes-Benz on two separate occasions between Sept. 30 and Oct. 5.