On the Police Logs 10.25.12


Kevin Flaherty’s $1,300 Apple MacBook Pro laptop was stolen from his unlocked Ford pickup truck in the town parking lot sometime between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning while he was working at Indian Wells Tavern. Also stolen was a black carrying case and a top for the computer, together valued at $190. Mr. Flaherty said Tuesday that the silver MacBook has a 13-inch screen and makes a slight clicking noise when opened, having been dropped once. The fall dinged the corners slightly. He said he normally locks the truck, but opened it to change his shoes when his shift as a server/bartender ended and then had a few drinks with his girlfriend and his brother before taking a taxi home. He asks that anyone with information call police at 537-7575.

A kayak valued at $300 was removed from the stand where it had been chained at Louse Point sometime between the beginning of September and Saturday. The owner, Eva Jensen, described its color as “faded mango”  and said it has an East Hampton Trustees sticker #3 on it. The chain was found cut. No other kayaks were reported missing from the stand.

East Hampton

A Montauk teenager told police on Oct. 12 that his iPhone 4 had been stolen from where he left it in the athletic director’s office at East Hampton High School. The phone turned up later inside a clerical desk in the main office. No further details were provided.

Also at the high school, Lois Marino of East Hampton told police that a 16-year-old girl, of whom she is a guardian, was being bullied by two girls in the hallways of the school as well as outside on school grounds. Much of the police report was blacked out due to the age of those involved, but police did file the complaint as a harassment incident. The accused girls were also using Facebook to torment their victim, the report says.

East Hampton Village

The owner of Hog Creek Woodworking on Route 114 came into police headquarters last Thursday complaining that a Sag Harbor woman had come onto the property while it was closed and removed 150 wood balusters, which she had bought and paid for. He did not want to press charges, the report says, but wanted it on the record.

Responding to a report Saturday evening of a woman pushing a shopping cart on Ocean Avenue near Crossways, police found a Bridgehampton woman, who said she was waiting for the 8:30 train and was pushing the cart, with her belongings in it, for exercise.


Someone poured a damaging substance into the fuel tank of a 25-foot Angler powerboat with a four-stroke Yamaha engine between Oct. 5 and Oct. 7. The owner, Glen Cohen of Huntington, told police that when he took the boat out on Oct. 7 it went 500 feet before going dead in the water. He took it to a specialist repair shop in Bohemia and was told that the fuel line, tank, and engine had all been damaged. He is waiting on an estimate for repair and has been in touch with the Star Island Yacht Club about the matter.

Marshall Prado of Prado Fuels on Main Street told police on Oct. 14 that sometime during the previous week, three extension ladders had been stolen from the premises. The ladders were valued at $200.

Sag Harbor

Delores Garcia of Hillside Drive West reported on Sunday afternoonthat her pet bird had escaped from its cage and flown up a tree. Police responded, and Ms. Garcia eventually retrieved her bird.


A woman living on Three Mile Harbor Road called police in the early hours of Monday to report that a drunken man who lived in her house had taken a sliding glass door off its track while trying to get in. The woman told police she was sure the man would take care of the damage when he sobered up in the morning.

The Maidstone Park ball field was vandalized by someone apparently driving a vehicle, who rode around the field spinning tires and destroying a good amount of sod. The report was made by a town parks employee, Robert Sisk, who said the field was in good condition when he checked on Oct. 12, but not when he returned on Oct. 15.