On the Police Logs 11.01.12

East Hampton

A 14-year-old East Hampton High School student told police that her brand new Apple iPhone 5, valued at $700, was stolen at the school from her bag on Oct. 9. She had left the bag beneath her locker, unattended, for a half hour.

East Hampton Village

Police received a call on Oct. 22 alerting them to the presence of two “protestors” near the Post Office. An officer found two people seated at a table, which had on it political literature. No action was taken.

The management of the Grill restaurant on North Main Street called police at 10 p.m. on Oct. 23, saying that a patron was refusing to leave. An officer found Jeffery Gurciullo of East Hampton, who appeared intoxicated and had facial injuries, apparently from a fight, the report said. He was taken to Southampton Hospital for treatment.


A photographer, Melanie D. Lust of Westport, Conn., was working a wedding party at the Montauk Yacht Club on Oct. 7 when she missed a valuable Canon lens, valued at $2,500. It was reported stolen between 9:30 and 11:30 in the evening. Lilian Iglesias, who is in charge of catering at the club, told police that while the party officially ended at 11 p.m., there were people drinking at the bar until 2 a.m. Ms. Iglesias is providing police with a list of all who were on the premises that evening.

A Montauk woman, Catherine Michell, reported losing her wallet on Oct. 11. According to the police report, a passer-by found the wallet at the farmers market and turned it in to the Chamber of Commerce. A Chamber employee saw a woman who resembled the photo ID in the wallet shopping at the market, and asked her if her name was Catherine and if she had lost her wallet. The woman answered yes to both questions and the wallet was handed over. Unfortunately, according to Ms. Michell, who has since canceled her credit cards, the wallet was given to an imposter. Police are attempting to track down the ersatz Ms. Michell by tracing, through one of the market stands, a transaction the woman was seen making with her own credit card, before she absconded with Ms. Michell’s.

Northwest Woods

A Chatfield Lane man who was away during the last week of September and the first week of October reported that his $475 pool cover was gone when he returned.


A boat docked at Gardiner’s Marina, on which a Manhattan woman, Eileen Hickey, was living, was burglarized on the night of Oct. 6. The thief made off with an iMac desktop computer, a Leica camera, jewelry, a Sony flat screen TV, and an Apple iPad, with a combined value of over $5,000. A resident of a neighboring boat told police that the summer residents of the marina were gone, and only two boats were left. Police have been investigating, but appear to have no leads at this time.