At the Scene of the Crime

    A 44-year-old East Hampton woman who returned to the scene of the crime on Newtown Lane looking for her cellphone Friday morning was arrested on charges of burglary and possession of a stolen couture handbag.
    East Hampton Village police were at the scene, investigating an alarm set off at a clothing store. They found the rear door broken into and shattered glass lying about, said Chief Gerard Larsen on Tuesday.
    The officers were in the process of securing the back door when Daphne C. Jarrett approached them, apparently startled by their presence, “and asked them for Advil,” the chief said. Her right hand had dried blood and cuts on it.
    A detective arrived and began to question her, when one of the officers noticed a bag lying on the ground. Inside it were screwdrivers and a cellphone.
    Ms. Jarrett was taken to headquarters on Cedar Street, where she confessed to breaking into the store and stealing a handbag with a $3,000 price tag on it. She was arraigned later that afternoon at East Hampton Town Court. Bail was set at $700, which she posted.
    Just hours later and less than 100 yards away, village police made another arrest involving a bungled burglary. Gilberto Betancur, 28, of Springs was seen by passersby in an alleyway, holding a large chunk of concrete, attempting to smash the side window of an art gallery. He suddenly realized he was being watched, Chief Larsen said. “People see him. He comes out of the alley. He was foiled because of the witnesses.”
    Mr. Betancur dropped the concrete chunk, left the alleyway, and jumped onto a Suffolk County bus that was waiting by Herrick Park. Tipped off by the witnesses, police boarded the bus. Mr. Betancur reportedly got up, approached the officer, and said, “It’s me you’re looking for. I did have a rock in my hand.”
    After a witness identified him, Mr. Betancur was taken to headquarters, along with the chunk of concrete, which was secured as evidence. Charged with attempted burglary, a felony, he was released without bail, and will be arraigned in Town Justice Court on Nov. 29.
    A witness of a different kind led to the arrest of a 19-year-old Montauk woman last Thursday. That morning, two Montauk men walked into the hamlet’s police substation to turn over a driver’s license and  papers they had found on the Plaza. The license belonged to Orla Reville, home town not given.
    Police called her, and she told them she had left her Louis Vuitton purse the previous afternoon at Bliss Restaurant. Inside was $20 cash and several credit cards, she said.
    An officer went to Bliss and spoke to its owner, Jennifer Meadows, who said there was an overhead security camera in the restaurant. The officer reviewed the video from the day before, which showed Ms. Reville leaving a little before 3 p.m., forgetting to pick up her purse.
    At that point on the video, according to the police report, Keara L. Dombrowski, a server at the restaurant, cleared the table, picked up the bag, looked inside it, and placed it behind a counter by the cash register. A few minutes later, police said, the video shows her again looking inside the Vuitton purse, then placing it in her own handbag.
    An officer then visited Ms. Dombrowski’s residence. The young woman went to her room and brought out the missing purse, with its credit cards still inside. She was placed under arrest and taken to headquarters, where she was released on $200 bail, with an arraignment date of Nov. 15.