No Gas, Few Arrests

    A combination of bad weather and no gas may have been what kept drunken driving to a minimum last week. Only two alcohol-related arrests were reported by local police, the lowest number in any one week in quite some time.
    A Syosset man driving a 2013 Mercedes-Benz sedan was charged after making an illegal U-turn on Newtown Lane a little after midnight last Thursday. Gregg Slayton, 44, allegedly told the arresting officer he had had four Stella Artois beers to drink that night. According to the report, he failed roadside sobriety tests and then refused to take the field breath test. He was arrested and taken back to headquarters, where he also refused the Intoxylizer test.
    Taking that test is required by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for anyone arrested on the charge of driving while intoxicated.  Failure to do so results in automatic loss of license.
    Mr. Slayton was released without bail later that morning, but with a future date in East Hampton Town Justice Court.
    Sag Harbor police stopped a 2002 Land Rover that was reportedly swerving across the yellow lines at about 3:30 Sunday morning, leading to the arrest of Diego Pessoa, 29, of Maryland on the charge of drunken driving. Police said the car had malfunctioning taillights as well.
    Mr. Pessoa, too, refused the breath test, and his license was automatically suspended. He posted $500 bail later that morning in Sag Harbor Village Court and was released.