Youths Admit To Break-Ins

    Land surveyors working outside  a vacant Atlantic Avenue house in Amagansett reported finding several bagsful of beer and liquor bottles on the property on Nov. 1.
    East Hampton Town police had received a report two days earlier, the day after Hurricane Sandy, that the basement door to a neighboring house had been kicked in and several bottles of alcohol stolen. On Nov. 2, that same house was broken into in the same way. This time, however, a piece of clothing was left behind, leading police to the home of a local 16-year-old.
    When questioned, the youth, who was not identified due to his age, admitted to the break-ins, implicating two friends, one 15 and the other 16, and led police to another Atlantic Avenue house as well as one around the corner on Bluff Road, which they had also broken into. It appears from the heavily redacted report that the goal, with the power being out and school closed, was to obtain liquor and a safe place to drink.
    Extensive damage was done to the three houses, especially the Bluff Road house, where they broke in through a skylight, damaging it and a tub in the room below. All three face multiple felony charges, including burglary in the second degree and criminal mischief. They were released without bail.
    Town police arrested Kelvin DeLaCruz, 23, last Thursday, at his Montauk residence, after investigating a complaint from a woman who is the mother of his child.
    Yinsley Fernandez complained that after Mr. DeLaCruz knocked on her door on Oct. 26 and the two spoke briefly, he grabbed her around the neck and threw her to the floor. Mr. DeLaCruz then went over and picked up their baby, she told police, before returning to where she was lying and kicking her. She told police he then headed to the door, carrying the baby. Ms. Fernandez got up and tackled him, and he dropped the baby onto the couch and went out the door. She called police soon after, and after investigating the complaint they arrested him.
    Mr. DeLaCruz was charged with two misdemeanors, one for choking Ms. Fernandez and the other for endangering the welfare of a child, along with a harassment count, which is considered a violation. He was released on $250 bail last Thursday; the court issued Ms. Fernandez an order of protection against him. Child Protection Services has been notified.