Also on the Logs 12.13.12

Police news

   The passenger seat of a 1997 Dodge pickup truck belonging to Ian Calder-Piedmonte of the Balsam Farms farmstand on Town Lane was stolen in November while Mr. Calder-Piedmonte was away. The truck had been parked, unlocked, behind the stand.
   Police released reports this week indicating there were two thefts at the Stephen Talkhouse on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Both happened after midnight. Amy Distler of East Hampton told police she’d been keeping an eye on her bag all night long except for five minutes when she went to the bathroom. When she returned, it was open and her wallet, with $200 in cash and some credit cards, was gone. Karin Ross of East Hampton left her iPhone 4 in the bathroom and did not miss it until noon on Sunday. She checked her account and found the phone had been used to call a number in Arizona. Police are investigating.

East Hampton
   Police responded on Dec. 3 to an anonymous call reporting walkway lights at Windmill Village had been vandalized. An officer found five damaged lights and contacted the caretaker, Brian Byrnes, who estimated repairs at $1,000 per light. A neighbor told police the lights had been broken for some time.
   Chris Jewett, who is renovating an Oakview Highway house, found signs that someone had been staying there as a squatter, including alcohol and food. Police have increased their patrols of the neighborhood, and Mr. Hewett has posted No Trespassing signs. On Sunday, he reported that there were no longer any signs of the intruder.
   Two women living on Bull Path reported on Friday that their mailboxes had been vandalized. Each said it was the third time it had happened.

East Hampton Village
   For the Most Holy Trinity Church fund-raiser on Dec. 2, Michael Dickerson of East Hampton made a gold-filled garnet and pearl necklace. He put it down on a table for display at about noon. Half an hour later, he told police, the necklace was gone.
   A part-time resident of Pleasant Lane called police on Dec. 4, reporting that his 20-year-old son had removed $1,500 of camera equipment from the house without his permission. Police investigating learned that the equipment did not belong to the father, but to a woman in Florida, and that the son had permission to enter the premises. It appears from the report that the son thought he was supposed to mail the equipment to the Florida woman. Police closed the investigation.
   East Hampton Town trustees called police on Dec. 5, reporting that workmen were putting up snow fencing with metal poles at the beachfront property at 85 West End Road without permission. Police found no one on the beach. The property is held under a corporate name, Darji Properties.
   A woman found a Kindle in a carrying case on Buell Lane Extension Friday evening. She called Amazon, who told her it had been reported lost or stolen. She took it to the police, who in turn called Amazon, only to be told that for security reasons, Amazon would not divulge the identity of the owner. The Kindle was locked up at police headquarters.
   On Saturday evening, police received a report that someone was screaming, “Help me, help me!” near the restrooms in the Reutershan parking lot. Upon investigation, three teenaged boys were found, all of whom said they’d seen and heard nothing unusual.

   Alvar Sirlin, a surfing and skate-boarding regular at Ditch Plain, left his Sector 9 red-and-white skateboard at the cut to the beach parking lot and took a 20-minute walk on Friday at about 8 a.m. When he got back, the board was gone. Police checked the area but found nothing.
   Intruders broke in to a Surfside Avenue house sometime in the last several weeks but nothing was reported missing, although the alarm system in the garage was disabled.
Maria Romero of Duryea Avenue was awakened on Dec. 3 at 4:30 p.m. by the sound of a rock crashing through a window in the living room. Police checked the area but found nothing suspicious.
   Vandals cut down several strings of Christmas lights on trees in downtown Montauk early last Thursday morning.

Sag Harbor
   Michael Butler, caretaker of the St. David Cemetery on Eastville Avenue, told police last Thursday afternoon that someone had dumped a basketball hoop and stand on the cemetery grounds.

   About 45 Stella Dora daylily plants, valued at about $20 apiece, were stolen from a property on Westwood Road over the Thanksgiving weekend.