Left His Wallet Behind

The driver had left the scene

   At about 6:30 a.m. on Nov. 29, an East Hampton Town police officer patrolling in Montauk came upon a 2012 Ford, which showed damage, sitting in a marshy area near where Old West Lake Drive splits off from West Lake Drive. The car, with damage to its front bumper and undercarriage, had apparently missed the turnoff.
    The driver had left the scene, but the officer found his wallet lying by the car door and tracked down Craig Robertson, 50, of Farmingdale. He was issued three summonses, including one for leaving the scene of an accident.
    A tractor-trailer with a flatbed left a lot of foamy debris behind when its driver, Cueto Santiago of Florida, tried to pass under a Long Island Rail Road bridge on Cove Hollow Road in East Hampton on Dec. 4. The truck fit through just fine, police reported, but not the cargo on the flatbed — high stacks of insulation foam, which smashed and spread out across the road. Mr. Santiago was not cited in the incident.
    A parked school bus on Goodfriend Drive was responsible for an accident there on Friday afternoon. The driver of a second school bus, Heather Lee of Shelter Island Heights, told police the parked bus was obstructing her view of a crosswalk, but when she pulled out to pass it the side mirror struck 16-year-old Dominica Pulcell in the head. Police said Ms. Pulcell was conscious but had minor bleeding. She was taken to Southampton Hospital and released after treatment.
    At least five incidents of vehicles hitting deer occurred in the town and village last week and early this week. All of them happened in the late afternoon or early evening.