On the Police Logs 12.20.12

East Hampton Village

A caller told police on the afternoon of Dec. 12 that a small dog, a terrier, had been leashed to a shrub on Newtown Lane for some time, in front of several shops. As an officer tried to coax the dog out from under the shrub, it got free of its collar and ran off, leaving the collar, with tags, behind. Police notified the owner of the incident; it is not known if dog and owner were reunited.

Another caller reported an erratic driver, possibly intoxicated, on Woods Lane last Thursday afternoon. An officer located the car and found the driver, a 72-year-old Montauk man, not drunk but very tired. The man took a taxi home, saying he’d return for his car in the morning.


Thomas McMorrow of Fairview Avenue filed a report on Dec. 11 that a package containing a gold necklace he’d sold online and shipped in April had been delivered in July with the necklace missing from the box. Mr. McMorrow told police he’d put in an insurance claim with the post office, but that it had repeatedly been denied on the grounds that the package had been delivered. Frustrated, Mr. McMorrow said he wanted to document the incident.

Sag Harbor

A Lincoln Street man called police in alarm last week to say he’d heard someone yelling for help in the woods near the golf course. Police investigated, even bringing helicopters to the scene, but found nothing. The report stated that “a short, thin woman in a blue hoodie” had been seen walking on the golf course.


Samuel Lester of Springs-Fireplace Road reported on Dec. 7 that his mailbox and its post had been destroyed. He said he’d been having a dispute with someone and believed that person was responsible. Police are investigating.

Responding last Friday night to a report of an injured man on 19th Street, police came upon Jose Cubule, who had a split lip and was described as being highly intoxicated. The balance of the police report was heavily redacted, except for a note stating “no crimes committed.”

Linda Lacchia of Kings Point Road was awakened at a little after 1 a.m. on Saturday by the sound of voices coming from her garage. She went to the garage and turned on a light, startling a teenaged couple, who ran away. Police arrived and found one of the two in a nearby parked car, but Ms. Lacchia determined that nothing had been stolen and declined to press charges.