On the Police Logs 12.27.12


Ian Irving of Old Stone Highway discovered his 1982 Mercedes Benz missing from his driveway on the afternoon of Dec. 15. He had left the keys in the car, he told police, who searched and found the vehicle parked on Accabonac Road, keys still inside.

East Hampton Village

A metal hand truck was left in the middle of Gay Lane in front of the post office one afternoon last week. There were no identifying marks. Police took it to the lost-and-found at headquarters.

A box containing $187.50 worth of Hanukkah presents was stolen on the evening of Dec. 15 from a car parked in front of John Papas restaurant in the Reutershan lot. The vehicle may have been left unlocked, Lisa Rattray told police. Eight days later, two days before Christmas, John Papas came in to open the restaurant and discovered that the two small Christmas trees on ether side of the front door had been stolen.

A woman returning to her locker on Dec. 17 after a workout at the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter found her black fleece jacket missing, with her car keys in it. She suggested to police that someone might have taken it by accident, and left her contact information at the front desk.

The lobby of the post office served as a bedroom for a homeless man in the early hours of Dec. 19. Police advised the man that he could not sleep there, and he left.

On Saturday afternoon, three days before Christmas, a black dog and a white dog were seen running together down Pantigo Road. An officer went to investigate, but the dogs were nowhere to be found.

Northwest Woods

A flat-screen television set went missing from a Semaphore Road house at some point during the past month. George Michail returned home on Dec. 18 after being away for a month to find the TV gone. He told police the house had been burglarized once before. The detective squad is investigating.

A Marion Lane man, Carlos Burns, woke up Sunday morning to discover that the signpost bearing his name by his driveway had been ripped out of the ground and tossed into a neighbor’s yard. Mr. Burns told police that Marion Lane has recently been a frequent target of petty vandalism.


Natalya Dyakovskaya returned to her Glade Road residence on Dec. 18 after being away for two weeks to find that someone had been staying in the house. An oven burner had been left on, and a laptop and two routers were missing from the living room. A bottle of Absolut vodka was gone as well, from the freezer.