Police Search for Driver

    An East Hampton Village officer patrolling Montauk Highway last Friday evening found an unoccupied  2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee that had come to rest in woods just off the highway near Stephen Hand’s Path. The SUV had struck a utility pole before slamming into the trees, according to the police report.
    The driver was nowhere to be found, but the officer heard noises in the woods that sounded like someone running away.
    East Hampton Town police joined the village force in searching for the driver, and a county police helicopter was brought in as well, using heat imaging to find the driver in the dark. It was to no avail.
    Police determined the name of the vehicle’s owner through a computer check of the license plate and visited his residence on Buell Lane. He was not there, they reported, but an interview with him has since been scheduled. As of yesterday, it was not known to have taken place.
    Police impounded the Jeep.
    Brian Buckhout of Springs was headed south on Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road a little after noon on Dec. 19 when, he told police, a deer ran in front of his 2003 Dodge. Mr. Buckhout was unable to avoid the animal, which collided with the front of the car on the driver’s side, rolled over the hood, and smashed into the windshield, shattering it.
    The animal was dead. Mr. Buckhout was shaken up but unhurt, according to the report, and was able to drive away, sans windshield.
    Police released five other car-versus-deer reports this week, with no discernible pattern. The incidents occurred across the township, throughout the day and into the night.
     Only one vehicle, a 2008 Porsche driven by A.M. Capoferri, no address given, had to be towed. That accident happened on Friday in the early evening, when two deer wandered out onto Springy Banks Road in East Hampton. The driver swerved to avoid the animals, but struck a tree, damaging the passenger side of the Porsche.
    Another accident report involved a car driven by Segunda Loja of East Hampton, who was turning left from the highway onto Oak Lane in Amagansett when his 1994 Honda was hit in the rear by a 2007 Chrysler being driven by Raymond Tierney of Montauk. Mr. Tierney’s passenger, Loretta Tierney, was taken to Southampton Hospital complaining of a bruised neck. That accident happened early on the evening of Dec. 14.


Why on earth are the East Hampton Police spending money on a helicopter to find someone who has left their car? To give hem a DUI? Are they that desperate? If the person was moving, obviously they're ok. East Hampton Cops are ridiculous. In fact, while a poor old lady was getting wheeled away to the hospital because of a fall, they could hardly be bothered with her. They were standing outside of her apt making jokes. I adore this town. Lets get our police who are employed by us, the town folk, who pay their salaries, working for us. The lawyers call it Cowboys and Indians here, with us being the Indians.