On The Police Logs 02.09.12

East Hampton
Jeffrey Jones of Water Mill told police on Feb. 1 that a hole had been cut in a chain-link fence at the Maidstone Gun Club on Daniel’s Hole Road sometime in the past month. He estimated the damage at $2,000. Mr. Jones, the president of the club, said several trees had been cut down — with an ax, he believed — and further damaged the fence when they fell on it.

A 2009 Honda hit a deer on Feb. 1 near the intersection of Montauk Highway and Cross Highway. Police killed the deer at the scene of the collision because of its extensive injuries. East Hampton Town Highway Department workers hauled it away.

Another deer was struck on Friday at the intersection of Accabonac Road and Abraham’s Path when it ran into the driver’s side of a 2004 Jeep, cracking the windshield.

East Hampton Village
A man who lives on Toilsome Lane told police on Jan. 30 that a Mr. Peterson had called him and said he could win $2.5 million and $50,000 in cash “due to his timely payment of his utility bills.” Mr. Peterson then asked that $385 be sent to him through Western Union, or that that amount be put on a prepaid credit card, the account number of which would be given to him. After the transaction, “a DHL delivery truck along with news media” would arrive at the man’s house from New Jersey with a check at approximately 6:30 p.m. that day, Mr. Peterson said. The man told Mr. Peterson he would call him back, but instead he phoned police.

Jeff Verity, an employee of the Department of Public Works, said a heater vent cover inside the men’s handicapped bathroom stall at Park Place was kicked in last Thursday. The estimated cost to replace it was $100.

Two men were acting suspiciously and “possibly soliciting people” last Thursday at Park Place, an anonymous caller told police. Detectives, who have been watching the men, said no response was required at this time.