On The Police Logs 03.15.12

Barbara McClancy of Amagansett reported to police last Thursday that she had parked her 2006 Toyota S.U.V. at Indian Wells Beach at 10:30 that morning. There was one other car in the lot. When she came back a half-hour later, the other car was gone and the doors on the passenger side on her car were damaged, according to the report. She could not identify the other car to police.

Susan DeSousa of South Davis Avenue, Montauk, told police that on Feb. 29 a red Ford pickup truck had tailgated her throughout the stretch of Montauk Highway in Amagansett before passing her, cutting her off, and then slamming on the brakes, causing a collision. She gave the police the license plate number of the truck and asked that the driver of the truck be spoken to.

East Hampton
Meredith Ogilvie-Thompson of East Hampton was pulling out of her driveway on March 3 a little after sunset when a teenager riding an elliptical bicycle at a high speed crashed into her vehicle, she said, damaging its driver’s-side fender. She could not see the bicyclist because of poor visibility, she told police. The cyclist was apparently unhurt and left the scene.

Gary Goldstein of Patriots Lane called the fire department on March 7 after noticing a brushfire on Windmill Lane. The Amagansett Fire Department extinguished the blaze, which appeared to have been started by sparks from a downed electrical wire.

On Saturday Ronald Edwards of Boatheader’s Lane was working on a 1966 Honda scooter that belonged to Paul Arnone of Old Stone Highway when he took a bathroom break. When he returned, the scooter and a helmet were gone. Mr. Edwards gave the name of the man he believes took the scooter, telling police that he had probably headed to Riverhead or Flanders. Police alerted the Southampton and Riverhead Police Departments.

East Hampton Village
Azel Benaojan, a caretaker on Apaquogue Road, said that on March 7 he found an arrow that had been shot at the front of the house and stuck there. He asked for additional police patrols.

Richard Garis of Green Hollow Road told police on Saturday that he was in possession of a harpoon gun that he considered a firearm and wanted destroyed. Police said the weapon, a W.W. Greener .38-caliber harpoon gun, was disabled and will be disposed of at a later date.

Bebe Johnson of Newtown Lane called police on March 7 to report a brown dog with floppy ears wandering alone on Railroad Avenue. Police failed to find the animal.

On Saturday, Matt Henloch of Pantigo Road said a brown Labrador was following him around on Cedar Drive. Mr. Henloch was concerned that a car might hit the dog. The police located its owner and reunited the two.

Mark David of Riverhead reported a seal in distress at a beach off Ocean Avenue on Friday. Officers located the seal, which appeared to be behaving normally.

Ivan Sinchi, the manager of the 7-Eleven, told police that on March 4 a man walked into the store, went to a refrigerator, removed a 24-ounce can of beer, and walked out without paying, getting into a Lindy’s taxi driven by Paul P. Acavado. Police got in touch with Mr. Acavado, who returned to the store and offered to pay for the beer. He told police that while he did not know the man’s name, he was a frequent customer of the taxi service. Mr. Sinchi accepted Mr. Acavado’s offer of payment for the beer.

Sandra Strayer of New York City said her license plates were stolen from her 1990 Jeep, which she had parked for the winter off Second House Road.

Fredi Cohen of Bayview Avenue said on Saturday that someone had pulled her mailbox out of the ground and hurled it across the road, damaging it. She told police that the person she believed was responsible was someone who had done shoddy construction work for her. Police found that her mailbox was the only one damaged on the block.

Anwar Mizer, a Southampton cab driver, called East Hampton Town police on March 7 to report a man refusing to pay the $60 fare from Southampton to Springs-Fireplace Road. Mr. Mizer pointed out the house the man had entered. Police spoke to him and he paid the fare.

Kenneth Austin of Park Avenue, Manhattan, returned to his house on Copeces Lane on March 3 to find that intruders had been staying there, police said. He said that there was a smell of smoke throughout the house and that refuse, including empty beer bottles, had been left in garbage cans. He also said the beds had been slept in. Police could find no sign of forced entry, but a hide-a-key normally left outside was gone. Mr. Austin told police that nothing else was missing. He was told to change the locks.