On The Police Logs 03.22.12

Patricia Troy of Oak Lane reported to police that at some point between Feb. 9 and March 9, someone entered her car parked on Oak Lane and removed her vehicle registration and insurance card. In mid-February, a series of property thefts from vehicles parked on Oak Lane had been reported.

At some point in the latter half of February someone painted graffiti on the door on the west side of the comfort station at Atlantic Avenue Beach, Richard Webb of East Hampton told police. The words “Surf Chicken” were painted on the door along with a picture of a surfboard and a picture of a chicken. Police are investigating, but as of now have no suspects.

East Hampton
Somebody damaged the mailbox in front of a house on Joshua’s Hole Road that Calixto Vargas of East Hampton had been taking care of, Mr. Vargas told police. The damage occurred sometime between March 9 and 13. Police canvassed the area and found no other boxes damaged.

On Friday at about 9 p.m., William Crowley of Sagaponack was driving a 2010 Chevy pickup truck on Swamp Road near Route 114 when a deer ran out onto the road in front of his truck. Mr. Crowley swerved to avoid the animal, only to crash into a telephone pole. The truck was not totaled.  

East Hampton Village
East Hampton Village police received a call a little before 2 p.m. on March 13 about two dogs chasing a deer on Two Mile Harbor Beach. The officer responding came upon Michael Braverman of Two Mile Hollow Road, who said he couldn’t find his two 3-year-old Labradors, the police said. The officer walked east along the beach with Mr. Braverman and the two soon found the dogs, who had cornered a small deer and were attacking it. Mr. Braverman was able to call the dogs off the deer and took them back to the beach parking lot, police said, but the deer had to be euthanized by the officer because of the severity of its injuries.

East Hampton Town Animal Control was summoned, as well as a New York State Environmental Conservation officer, and Mr. Braverman was issued several summonses, including allowing dogs to hunt as well as allowing dogs to roam in lands inhabited by deer.

At about 2 a.m. on March 14, a man approached an officer on patrol on Montauk Highway and told the officer that his girlfriend was on her way to Montauk to drown herself in the ocean, East Hampton Village police reported. The police put out an alert for the car she was driving. East Hampton Town police later reported that the man had made contact with the woman and that she was on her way back to his house in East Meadow.

Last Thursday, East Hampton Village police called the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons after an officer came across a wounded raccoon while on patrol near 195 Main Street. The center told police they did not have a license to handle raccoons and so could not be of assistance. Because of the severity of the animal’s injuries, the officer had to euthanize it.

A police officer on patrol on Two Mile Hollow Beach on Saturday morning at about 8:30 came across a small black duffel bag containing several adult erotic toys as well as erotic videos. The bag had no identification. It has been placed in lost and found.

On Saturday just after midnight, Diane Vacca of Sagaponack told police that she had gone to Rowdy Hall for dinner, followed by a movie at the cinema, and that somewhere along the way she had lost a diamond-studded earring valued at $15,000, according to the police report. She tried in vain to retrace her steps, but could not find it, the report said.

Kimberly French of Fairview Avenue called the police Friday night around 10 p.m. after an intruder entered her bedroom. Ms. French was awakened by a faint noise outside her house. Thinking it was her dog making the noise, she remained in bed, but then heard her bedroom doorknob turning, according to a police. The door opened and a man stepped into the room. Ms. French jumped out of bed and began shouting at the man, who fled through a sliding door near the dining room. The man was described as wearing a gray hoodie, blue jeans, and work boots. Police searched the area but found no one. Then early Monday morning at about 3, Ms. French heard someone try to open the sliding door, then saw someone outside her bedroom window with a flashlight. Her daughter, who was awakened by the noise as well, confirmed her mother’s account, according to the police report. Again, police searched the area but found no one.

After parking near the entrance to the parking lot at the Star Island Yacht Club on March 12, George A. Shiminski of Montauk returned later that afternoon to discover damage to the front quarter panel on the driver’s side of the car.

Ronald King of East Hampton, the caretaker of a property on Mary Street, found a door that had been broken into at some point the week prior to March 12. Nothing in the house appeared to have been removed.

Someone vandalized Andrew Sykes’s mailbox on Tyrone Drive between Saturday night and Sunday morning, he told police. Police reported that the box appeared to have been smashed with something similar to a baseball bat.