On the Police Logs 07.12.12

Police News

Solomon Magid of Sandpiper Lane reported on Friday that at some point on the night of June 28 someone stole a wooden sculpture of a crane from his driveway.

East Hampton
Regina Cherry said on July 2 that between June 18 and June 30 someone had picked the lock on the backdoor of her Hand’s Creek Road house, entered, and done extensive damage. Walls were smashed, and many items around the house appeared to have been struck with an ax. Broken glass and porcelain were strewn about. She also reported finding what looked like a glass pipe and a Sterno can. Ms. Cherry said she’d seen two boys around the premises, walking through the property to get to the Hand’s Creek Farm development. She asked them to leave, but they ignored her. Detectives are investigating.

East Hampton Village
On July 2 at 9 a.m., an officer responded to a complaint from a woman who lives on Buell Lane about loud music being played nearby. The officer said he had trouble hearing any music unless there was no traffic passing by. No action was taken.

On Friday at about 7 a.m., police were called about a young man sleeping on the lawn in front of the Yardley and Pino Funeral Home. An officer found the man, who said he had been drinking in Southampton the night before and had been trying to make it to Amagansett, but had decided to take a nap. The officer arranged for the man to reach his destination safely.

Several complaints about anti-Obama graffiti in black marker were made last week. “Obama Is a P.O.S.” was written more than once.

Steven Bono of Newtown Lane said he went into the Waldbaum’s supermarket at 12:45 p.m. last Thursday to do some shopping. When he came out, his bicycle, valued at $450, was gone.

Albert Koplitz of Sag Harbor told police on Friday that someone had broken into his car, parked at Two Mile Hollow Beach, at about 8 that night and had stolen several items.

Police received a noise complaint from a neighbor of the Hamptons Players Club at about 2 a.m. on Saturday. An officer and a sergeant went to the Montauk Highway restaurant and told the manager and a D.J. to turn off the music, which they did. They were then issued a citation.

After police were told of a possibly stolen 2012 Mercedes-Benz parked on Lily Pond Lane, an officer found the car and its driver, a 29-year-old woman from Great Neck. She said she had borrowed her mother’s car after her morning run and was on her way to pick her up.

An officer responded to a report that dogs were harassing swans on Georgica Beach Saturday morning. The officer found the swans walking along the shoreline toward Main Beach, but the dogs were not in sight.

A police report said officers took down 10 yard sale signs posted on public property for a sale on Georgica Woods Lane Saturday morning and returned them to the homeowner, Milton Kaplan. Mr. Kaplan told police that he and his wife had called Town Hall and had been given the okay to post the signs. The officer told them that they needed to call Village Hall.

Maja Petrusevska of Macedonia said she was at the Point Bar and Grill at 2 a.m. on June 25 when she set her black clutch bag down on the bar and turned away. When she looked back, the bag was gone, along with $20 and a white iPhone she had inside it.

Charles Seich, the manager of Ruschmeyer’s, told police last Thursday that the previous night a neighbor had come in, quite intoxicated, and said he was unhappy with the restaurant. He then harassed customers entering the restaurant, asking them if they had reservations, growing increasingly belligerent and cursing. At one point he was reported to have said, “I am so displeased, I could kill someone.” Police told the man he was no longer welcome there.

Jennifer White, a partner at Kailani, reported last Thursday that four dresses had been stolen from a rack in the store the day before.

Virginia Kwarta of East Hampton said on the afternoon of June 29 that within the previous two hours someone had stolen her handicapped permit from her car. She said it might have been taken while she was parked at the Seafood Shop.