On the Police Logs 07.26.12

East Hampton
Robert Di Gia of Huckleberry Lane called police on July 16 to say that while he was away, from May 19 to June 12, his teakwood deck chairs had vanished. He valued the missing chairs at $2,100.
Marilyn Manning of Miller Lane East reported the theft of two cellphone chargers from her unlocked car, parked in her driveway. They went missing last Friday night.

East Hampton Village
Police received an anonymous call a little after midnight on July 16 reporting people sleeping inside a bank. When the operator asked which bank, the caller became angry and hung up. Police canvassed the village’s banks and found no sleepers.

A call came in around sunset on July16 reporting a newborn fawn with a broken leg on Main Street. An officer found the fawn, which appeared quite fit as it ran off.

The bagel shop on North Main Street called police at about 4:30 a.m. on Saturday about a rowdy customer, a drunken woman who had demanded a bagel with cream cheese and bacon. Told that the grill was not turned on until 6 a.m., so the best they could do was give her a bagel with cream cheese, she exposed her breast and again demanded bacon with her cream cheese. Asked to leave, she threw several dozen bagels to the floor before storming out. By the time police arrived she was nowhere to be found.

A Manhattan woman complained on July 15 that someone had taken a fire extinguisher from the Royal Atlantic and sprayed foam all through her 1998 Jeep Wrangler. The motel’s manager told police there was a surveillance camera in the area, and promised to check it out, but when an officer called a few days later the manager said the camera was not, in fact, working.

Robert Hartman of Lake Grove reported his Raleigh bicycle stolen from outside his room at the Oceanside Beach Resort early on July 18. The bike, valued at $400, was not locked.

A second bicycle was reported stolen that same morning. Kate Vickers of Montauk left her blue-and-white Schwinn bike, valued at $600, down by some woods near Route 27 and South Delphi Street for no more than 15 minutes, she told police, during which time someone made off with it.

Minas Kaliamouris, an employee at the Montauk Beach House, called police early Sunday evening to report a man who had destroyed a heater on the patio. When police located the man, he was “uncooperative and hostile.” However, informed that he could either pay for the heater or face criminal mischief charges, he agreed to reimburse the Beach House for the damage.

Jeannie Miedzwiecki, manager of the florist shop on South Etna, told police Friday that someone had smashed two decorative lobster pots standing outside the shop. The shards were found in the middle of the street. She valued the pots at $60.

Paul Natorski of Medford was southbound in a minivan-taxi near the Surf Lodge on South Edgemere Street early Friday morning when a man trying to flag him down grabbed the sliding-door handle on the side of the cab, causing the door to open and come off its tracks. Damage was estimated at $1,000. The man was not found.

Northwest Woods
Hope Kessler of Old Hollow Lane reported to police on Friday afternoon that her mailbox had been destroyed sometime during the week.
Joseph Barata’s $900 outboard motor was removed from his boat, moored off Three Mile Harbor, during the week of July 7.