On the Police Logs 08.02.12

East Hampton Town

The Three Mile Harbor Boatyard in East Hampton has recently been sold, and while doing an inventory on July 25, Mark Mendelman, the manager, discovered that two outboard motors had vanished, apparently in May or June. Their value was reported at $1,200.

East Hampton Village

On the morning of July 23, a village officer responded to a complaint from the American gas station on Montauk Highway that a car was blocking entrance to the pumps. An attendant told the officer he had asked the driver to move the car, but she had refused. She told the officer the attendant had been rude, so she decided to block access to the pumps. She agreed to move her car and he agreed to allow her to return, as long as there were no more problems.

Barbara Gubbins, manager of Gubbins Run Away Nike store on Park Place, reported on the afternoon of July 24 that a man had pilfered two pairs of Nike sneakers, valued at $210. She gave police his description and promised to press charges if he is found.

Police went to a house on Further Lane a little after midnight on July 25 after Jessica Young said she had seen and heard intruders outside. No one was found.

An East Hampton woman said she had seen a man in an older green SUV, parked on North Main Street, masturbating. He may have seen her calling police, she said, because he drove off toward Newtown Lane. Police searched for the car to no avail.

An East Hampton man took it upon himself last Thursday morning to remove signs from the public entrance to the beach at West End Road and Lily Pond Lane that said “No beach access” and “No thoroughfare,” and reported to police that he had done so. The signs had been posted on public property.

Mark Field, head custodian of John M. Marshall school, reported last Thursday that youths had been partying on school grounds, leaving empty beer bottles and garbage behind.

Police received a report Friday evening of a turtle in the middle of the road at the intersection of Apaquogue Road and Deforest Lane. An officer arrived but found that the turtle had fled.
There was a noise complaint at about 10 p.m. Saturday about a loud party at Russell Simmons’s house on Jericho Close. The party was breaking up when police arrived and the music had been turned down, so the officer assisted the departing guests by directing traffic.


Dierdre Hynes missed a check made out to her from Gurney’s Inn, as well as $120 in cash, early on July 23. She told police the check and cash had been in her room at the old Seawind Motel on West Lake Drive, where construction is going on. Police questioned several other tenants there without a resolution.

Over the weekend 10 yard stakes, worth $40 altogether, disappeared from Dennis Schleider’s property on Glenmore Avenue, he told police.

Gail Simons left her 10-foot standup Topper paddleboard on the beach by Rick’s Crabby Cowboy on Friday and it was gone when she went to retrieve it. The paddleboard is worth $2,000, she told police the next day.

Sag Harbor

Joseph Weeks called police as he watched someone tearing down the American flag hanging in front of 1 Main Street early Sunday morning and running off with it. The vandal was heading south behind the laundromat, he said, where the flag was eventually found.

A bat was reportedly trapped in the storeroom of Land Shark on Main Street last Friday. Animal rescue was called but was unable to find it. The staff and the manager, Kara Titus, later took matters into their own hands, turning off all the lights, which convinced the bat to fly off into the night.