Unlocked Vehicles Targeted

    Between July 28 and last Saturday a thief or thieves went on a crime spree during the early-morning hours, rifling through unlocked cars parked in driveways in East Hampton and Springs. Most often, they stole global positioning systems.    
     East Hampton Town police have received at least 10 complaints to date, and say there may be more that have not been reported.
    Most of the thefts were in Springs, three of them on Crystal Drive. Bruce Daniels alerted police last Thursday morning that someone had gone through all three unlocked vehicles on his property. Little in the way of valuables was reported removed. On the same day and the same street, Wilmer Barrera and Victor Montano said their cars had been searched the previous night and that a Garmin GPS and a car radio had been stolen. Each was valued at $160.
    John Malone of Cedar Drive said his unlocked car, parked in his driveway, had been searched during the early morning hours last Saturday, and that an early-model iPod was gone. The thief went through a second car as well, he said, but it  contained nothing of value to be stolen.
    That same morning, Kelly King of Dogwood Drive told police a GPS device valued at $110 had been removed from his vehicle, parked in his driveway.
    Jay Ellenberg reported another stolen Garmin GPS that day. Mr. Ellenberg’s car was parked on Sycamore Drive.
    Montauk Boulevard had several cars struck by the bandits. Richard Muney lost a handbag and $40 cash; Russell Gordon reported a damaged windshield wiper but nothing missing, and Cheryl Menary found both a cracked windshield and a damaged wiper.
    James Kennedy of Pembroke Drive lost $150 cash and a black leather wallet, along with a credit card. Mr. Kennedy’s roommate told police he’d seen a man with a flashlight near the car at about 3 a.m., who ran away when he went out to check.
    There was one complaint from East Hampton, on Boatheader’s Lane, where a CD player was taken from a van on July 28, as well as a GPS device from a car parked at the same location.


They also opened the 3 cars at my house hawthorne ave
They rifled through the consoles and glove compartments of 2 of mine on Hartley too.