On the Police Logs 08.23.12

Christine Cronin of Bluff Road told police that her house had been burglarized during the early morning hours of July 8. She was awakened a little before 4 a.m. that day, and reported seeing a man with a lit cigarette leave the premises with an iPhone, a Sony laptop, and $50 in cash. Police have been investigating since then but have not been able to come up with any clues.

Laura Gendron said on Aug. 4 that her clutch bag, containing her Apple iPhone, was stolen from where she had placed it on the bar at the Stephen Talkhouse at about 3 a.m. that day. She said she had left it unattended for no more than five minutes.

East Hampton
An Abraham’s Path man called police on Sunday at about 3 a.m. to report seeing two men try to break into two cars parked in his driveway. When the men became aware that they were being observed, they ran away. Police searched the area to no avail.

Stephen Goldstone of Old Hollow Lane said on Friday that his mailbox had been vandalized the night before.
Gregg Bloomberg of Hertz Rent-a-Car at East Hampton Airport reported on Aug. 10 that three 2012 Chevys and one 2012 Nissan belonging to the company had been vandalized with eggs and chemicals during the previous night.

Alvaro Delgado of Muir Boulevard told police on Aug. 8 that over the course of the preceding few days someone had badly damaged his 1992 Mustang convertible by pouring sugar into the gas tank. He told police he did not know why anyone would do such a thing.

Stephen Patterson of North Cape Lane reported on the morning of Aug. 15 that his mailbox had been removed from its post and left on the side of the road. An officer found that a neighboring mailbox had been similarly damaged.

An Island Road woman said that between April and the beginning of August several pieces of jewelry were removed from her house, possibly by guests. Someone had apparently attempted to sell the jewelry at a pawn shop. Police are investigating.

East Hampton Village
Police received a call about a possible domestic dispute on Aug. 15. An officer found a couple on Pantigo Road who said they were angry. The husband said that Citarella had taken too long to prepare their food, causing them to miss a movie, and now they were walking home in the rain.

Marcia Gowen of Lily Pond Lane said on Aug. 13 that someone had smashed her car’s rear window.
Two antique chairs, valued at $250 each, were taken from in front of Nancy & Co. on Newtown Lane on Aug. 11, police reported.

Police heard a complaint last Thursday from a dog owner who said that another dog on a leash had bitten hers and that the resulting medical work had cost more than $1,000. She also complained that the person walking the other dog refused to give a name or say whether the dog had the proper vaccinations. That person later cooperated with police, and the vaccination records were sent to the animal hospital.

A woman found cash on the ground on Main Street on Friday afternoon and turned it over to a traffic control officer who then turned the money over to police. The money was placed in the lost and found.

A woman reported dropping $35 in cash at Starbucks on Saturday morning only to have another woman grab the money and leave the shop. Another customer confirmed the account. Police looked for the woman on Main Street but could not find anyone matching her description.

A Gurney’s Inn security agent told police on the afternoon of Aug. 13 that two elderly women had left a buffet without paying their bill. According to the report, their waitress, Chantal Clarke, followed the women to the spa area, and one of them told her they had left the money on the table. Ms. Clarke returned to the table, but there wasn’t any money on it. The women were driving a 2012 Mercedes-Benz. Police have been unsuccessful in reaching the car’s owner.

Gloria O’Connor of Greenwich Street said on Aug. 8 that on the previous weekend her house had been vandalized by someone throwing eggs.

On July 16 a Montauk man reported that the driver and a passenger of a car that had to stop short for him as he was crossing the Plaza attacked him, breaking his nose and inflicting several lacerations to his face, which required 20 stitches. Police later got in touch with the driver, who told them he would not talk to them without his lawyer present.

Anthony Basciano of Holtsville told police on Aug. 15 that someone had stolen several watches he had left in his car overnight. He had left the windows down. The car was parked in Reutershan lot off Main Street. The watches were valued at more than $5,000.

Robert Competiello of Summit, N.J., said on Aug. 13 that his Trek bicycle, valued at $400, had been stolen from outside his room at the Surf Club the previous night.

Amanda Hamilton of Montvale, N.J., reported on Aug. 15 that someone had taken her white Apple iPhone 4S, valued at $499, from the bar at the Shagwong.

Sag Harbor
Police received a report of a man in a truck watching beachgoers with binoculars at Havens Beach on Friday. When a woman approached the man, she saw that he had exposed himself. Police are investigating.

Chelsea Wassmer, who was visiting her boyfriend on Hodder Avenue on the night of Aug. 14, told police the next morning that someone had stolen her Kindle, valued at $200, from her unlocked car parked in front of the house.