‘He Sort of Felt It Was His’

    A dispute over a $13,000 Italian racing bicycle between the Sag Harbor Cycle Company and a former employee led to the arrest last Thursday morning of that employee, Myles W. Romanow, 36, of Water Mill.
    Mr. Romanow had helped set up the shop, Sag Harbor police said, and was using the Campagnolo Gruppo Record 11 racing bicycle to get back and forth to work. After leaving the company in July, however, he kept the bike.
    “He sort of felt it was his,” said Det. Jeffrey Proctor. “Let’s say I worked for Mercedes and they gave me a car to go back and forth to work.” That wouldn’t mean the car would be his forever, he said.
    The detective said the dispute could have been settled in civil court. “He could’ve returned the bike and sued,” he said. “Then he would have had his day in court.” Instead, Mr. Romanow faces a charge of third-degree grand larceny, a Class D felony.
    East Hampton Town police arrested Jade D. O’Connor, 21, of Montauk, after allegedly spotting her with a friend behind the Memory Motel at about 1:30 in the morning on Sept. 1, holding a plastic bag containing a small amount of cocaine. She was released later that morning without bail, thanks to her longtime roots in the community.
    Late at night on Sept. 2, Osman N. Akipnar, 27, of Bayport was arrested after he reportedly stopped his taxi in the middle of the road outside the Surf Lodge and solicited fares, a violation of the taxi code. When an officer asked him to pull over, Mr. Akipnar allegedly sped away, with a police car in pursuit. Mr. Akipnar turned onto South Erie, where he stopped and shut his lights off, but his pursuers spotted him.
    He was charged with a misdemeanor, fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle, as well as driving with a suspended license. He was released from the station house on $300 bail with a date in court.
    James R. George, 60, of Montauk was arrested on the morning of Sept. 6, charged with choking his wife and head-butting her during a domestic dispute on Sept. 1. Bail was set in East Hampton Town Court that day at $300.
    Orlando J. Roberts, 30, of Montauk was arrested on Sept. 5 on a similar charge, choking a female friend, Lisayda Machuca. In that case, police said, the woman passed out. He pushed her down and choked her with both hands, the report says, and when she came to she was flat on her back and he was standing over her.
    She managed to get out of the apartment, taking her cellphone as she fled, and called the police. When an officer interviewed her, blood, mucus, and bruises were reportedly still visible on her body.
    Mr. Roberts was arrested in Montauk later that morning, charged with two misdemeanor counts of obstruction of breathing and harassment in the second degree, a violation. Bail was set at $300.
    A report of a woman in a purple shirt standing on the train tracks at the Montauk station led to the arrest of Melissa A. Williams, 41, of Hampton Bays. Officers found Ms. Williams in the parking lot, allegedly in a drunken state and visibly upset. When placed in a police car, she began to slam her head repeatedly into the plexiglass partition, the report says, and kicked an officer in the chest when he attempted to restrain her. The police had already placed her under arrest for her violent behavior, and the decision was made to take her to Stony Brook University Medical Center for observation.
    While driving through Southampton, however, Ms. Williams began to flail her head against the partition and the car windows, cutting her face in the process. The police detoured to Southampton Hospital, where she was treated for her wounds. She was later taken to Stony Brook without further incident, and police released her to the hospital with an appearance ticket for a future court date.