Cyclist Hit on Blind Curve

    A New York City woman remained in stable condition at Stony Brook University Hospital yesterday after her bicycle was struck by a car shortly after noon on Saturday. The accident happened on Three Mile Harbor Road in East Hampton near Gann Road, where the road curves and becomes Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road. Visibility is limited on the curve.

    No charges are expected to be filed against the driver, according to Lt. Det. Chris Anderson of the East Hampton Town Police.
Kathryn Jones, 58, was biking north when a northbound 2006 Subaru station wagon driven by Antjemaria D. Katcher, 65, of East Hampton hit her. Ms. Jones was taken first by a Springs ambulance and then by a county medical helicopter to the hospital, where she was admitted in what police called “critical but stable” condition. Police impounded the station wagon for a safety inspection.

    “A lot of the roadways are not set up for pedestrian and bicycle traffic,” Det. Anderson commented. Roads like Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek were laid out as rural roads in a very different era, he said, and have no shoulder, forcing bicyclists to ride in lanes of traffic on blind curves.