On the Police Logs 10.10.13


A small display case containing 25 pairs of sterling silver earrings was stolen last month from the counter at Miankoma in Amagansett Square. The earrings were valued at $500.

East Hampton Village

    A swimming pool being drained from a Huntting Lane house into the Nature Trail earned the home owner a summons on Sept. 30.

    Police and firefighters responded to a gas leak on Georgica Road on Oct. 2. A worker had been digging for a septic tank and struck a gas pipe. The gas was safely shut off.

    A carbon monoxide alarm was triggered by a faulty furnace on Georgica Road last Thursday. The furnace was shut down.

    Five 2-inch nylon straps and a pair of mechanic’s gloves were stolen from a vehicle parked behind Consumer Tires on Railroad Avenue on Oct. 2.

    An injured cat was taken to animal rescue Sunday after being found on Huntting Lane.

    The police received another call about the Huntting Lane man who has twice recently chased errant tourists off his property, waving a grass rake. This time, the man began shouting at a passing jogger, accusing her of being on his property. Police advised him to call them next time he thinks someone is trespassing.


A thief made off on Saturday afternoon with a yellow-and-white  Spoiler surf board that had been stored behind Plaza Sports.

A Seagull guitar was stolen from the trunk of a 1999 Volkswagen parked on South Etna Avenue, near Goldberg’s Bagels, early last week. Annelise Trezza told police she’d left the car unattended for about an hour in the afternoon, and valued the missing brown guitar in a black bag at about $300.


    Sometime between Sept. 27 and Sept. 29 a hidden key outside a Gardiner’s Lane house was stolen, and the house was entered. Selma Stein said her caretaker found the door unlocked. Ms. Stein, who told police there were no valuables in the house, has since changed all the locks.