On the Police Logs 10.17.13

East Hampton

An East Hampton High School student finished a session with her guidance counselor on Oct. 9 and found her iPhone 5 missing from her backpack, which was elsewhere in the office.

East Hampton Village

Handbills advertising Oktoberfest at Zum Schneider were posted on several trees around the Reutershan parking lot last Friday, earning the Montauk restaurant a summons for violating village code.

A deer hit by a Jeep Sunday afternoon on Montauk Highway near Green Hollow Road survived the accident, and was picked up by wildlife rescuers and taken to their rehab facility.

A fight broke out between two men Sunday evening on Railroad Avenue. Police separated the two, one of whom reportedly believed the other was involved with his wife. The second man said he only worked with her. Police told the combatants to go their separate ways, which they did.


Twenty 2-by-2 wooden posts, 12 feet long, were stolen from a construction site at 30 Glenmore Avenue early last week. John Scollan, who reported the theft, estimated their value at $300.

Sag Harbor

Police were warned that the actress Betty Buckley has been the victim of a stalker recently. She appeared at a Bay Street Theatre show on Saturday, but the stalker did not.

In the early hours of Saturday a driver on Sag Harbor Turnpike reported a drunken man in the road. Police found the man, who was upright, walking his bicycle back to Bridgehampton.

Responding to a complaint of loud music coming from Page restaurant a little after midnight Friday, police found music was not the problem. Rather, it was patrons who were shouting. Management closed the windows, and relative quiet ensued.

A man took three bricks from a site on Lighthouse Lane and Hampton Street Sunday afternoon. Police stopped the man, who told them he thought the bricks were being thrown away.

A worker at a Terry Drive site complained last week that “an old man in a blue trench coat”  had yelled at him and let the air out of his tires.


Highwood, a road in Barnes Landing, was the scene of a burglary on Sept. 24. Amy Lehn told police she had been out for the day and returned in the late afternoon to find that her bedroom bureau had been ransacked. A jewelry box and several loose pieces of jewelry were missing, including a round diamond pendant valued at $1,200, a 14-carat gold bangle bracelet valued at $300, and a number of other gold and silver items, valued in total at over $2,500. A screen in the den had been removed, and detectives found footprints around the window.

Gino Bombace, who lives in a Fort Pond Boulevard house that is on the market, told police that a real estate agent had tried to show the house when it was locked and he was away. The two apparently confronted each other later in a public place — the report is redacted — and the agent pushed Mr. Bombace several times before patrons separated them. Police told the agent to avoid contact with the resident in the future.

Thomas Acevedo of Cedar Ridge Drive told police the Internal Revenue Service had called him last week to say someone had used his Social Security number in 2011 to file a tax return. He said he had been told to check with his bank and make sure his credit cards had not been misused.

The owner of a construction company has been receiving threatening text messages, he told police. Luis Saca-Buestan said the messages started coming after a dispute arose with a builder he had worked for. He said the builder owed him about $70,000.