On the Police Logs 10.24.13

East Hampton

A man posing as an immigration lawyer defrauded a resident of Spring Close Highway to the tune of about $19,000 by promising to clear up his pending immigration case. The victim paid out the money over the course of several months at the end of last year, even going to California to meet the so-called attorney. He discovered that no work had been done on his case and called police at the beginning of this year. The fake lawyer and the money have disappeared, and police reported no leads.

A couple of East Hampton High School students reported that money was stolen from their unlocked lockers last month.

East Hampton Village

A dog barking for an hour Friday in the backyard of a Pondview Lane house fetched a visit from the police. The beast’s owner took him inside and told police it would never happen again.

A deer fence at a house on Jericho Road netted a buck on Sunday. The animal got its antlers caught. An officer cut the fence, setting the deer free.

The drive-up teller booth at the Chase Bank on Main Street was the scene of a fracas a little before noon on Oct. 16. An Amagansett man told police that a woman had accused him of cutting in front of her in the line. “She started to yell at him” and “kicked his driver-side mirror,” which was not damaged, a report said.

“A group of juveniles were horsing around” in front of a Newtown Lane house after school let out on Oct. 16, police said. One of the youths was shoved into the hedges, causing minor damage, the homeowner reported. He tried to speak to the group, “but they ran off.”

Police visited the old Verizon building on King Street last Thursday after they received a call reporting trespassers. A worker told police that Pristine Pools had purchased the building, “and it was being used as their headquarters.”

A Woods Lane resident called police Sunday evening, worried that he had left his coffeepot on. When police got to the house, a caretaker told them he had turned it off.


South Lake Beach was the scene of a theft of a 2008 Tohatsu four-stroke outboard motor, black with blue lettering, which had been clamped onto an inflatable dinghy. Bradley Hildreth told police he had left the dinghy about 20 feet offshore while his family went out for dinner on Oct. 12. When they returned, the dinghy had disappeared. Mr. Hildreth found it 50 yards southwest, pulled up on the shore, with the motor, valued at $1,500, gone.

A park gate on Soundview Drive was damaged on the night of Oct. 12, when someone drove a car through it, breaking the chain and lock. Charles Morici, a park caretaker, secured the gate with a new chain and lock. The damage was estimated at $130.