On the Police Logs 10.31.13


A Mongoose bicycle was stolen from a front yard on Schellinger Road in early evening on Oct. 17. David E. Caldwell told police that the bike, which belonged to his daughter, had a value of about $100.

East Hampton

A 16-year-old Ross School student left his knapsack, which contained a 13-inch MacBook Pro and an iPhone 4s, on the school bus while in a soccer game at Pierson High School in Sag Harbor on Sept. 30. When Miguel Minori returned to the bus after the game, it was missing. Initially, a bus company employee said it did not have the backpack, but it was located several days later and returned.

East Hampton Village

A Southampton woman told police that someone had thrown shredded plastic into an open rear window of her car on Oct. 22, when it was parked on Newtown Lane in front of the middle school. Maria Longo told police she was particularly concerned because her dog, which was in the car, might have eaten some of the plastic.

The management of Modas Eva, a tailoring business off Newtown Lane, called the police after a woman came into the shop last Thursday and argued over a cash deposit for an item she had left to be tailored. The manager told police that “she had told the customer not to come into her business any more because of her rudeness and foul mouth.”

A 14-year-old East Hampton boy laid his surfboard down on the sand path to the beach at the end of Lily Pond Lane last Friday and a truck accidentally backed over it, damaging one of its skegs. Police told him it was a civil matter.


A Tohatsu 9.8 outboard motor was stolen off a 10-foot dinghy, which was on the deck of a 53-foot boat anchored at the Maidstone Marina. Sherrie Lentnek told police that the thief would have had to have boarded her boat to get to it. She has since stored the boat in Connecticut for the winter. She placed a value on the motor of $1,500.

Two suitcases loaded with clothing, a black Apple laptop, and $500 in cash were stolen from a parked car on Boatsteerer’s Court late in the evening of Oct. 1. Ashley Farland had loaded the car for a trip to the city, leaving it unlocked when she went into her house at about 9 p.m. When she returned to the car a couple of hours later, her two black Tumi suitcases were gone. She valued the clothing at over $5,000, the missing computer at $500, and the suitcases at $350 a piece.


A Carvin R1000 guitar amplifier was stolen from the parking lot near the restaurant Swallow East, where a local band, the Montauk Project, had just completed a gig on Sept. 28. Jasper Conroy told police the missing amp was worth $600. Two guitar stands, valued at $40, were also missing.

A Lindenhurst man had a beer bottle smashed over his head during a brawl “between numerous persons” at the Point Bar on Main Street in Montauk in the early morning of Oct. 13, according to police, who classified the attack as a felony level assault. Mathew Meehan, the bartender, told police he had heard the bottle break over Michael J. Sciara’s head. Police have been unable to identify the suspect, who fled on foot. Mr. Sciara was taken to Southampton Hospital for treatment.

Sag Harbor

A “last call for alcohol” provoked the wrath of a patron at Murph’s Back Street Tavern on Division Street in the early morning hours of Oct. 23. A patron became upset and got unruly. Police were called, and the patron was told not to return.

The bookkeeper for Sag Town Coffee, Summer Semlear, told police last Thursday that $2,489 had been stolen from a locked cash box there. The larceny occurred between the afternoon of Oct. 21 and the morning of Oct. 23. She said that, although the box was locked, several employees at Collette’s Consignment, which shares the coffee shop’s office, had access to it. Police investigated and reported no signs of forced entry.

A black and yellow stump mountain bicycle was stolen from a bike rack on a car parked outside a Jermain Avenue house. The bike, which has brackets for a basket on the handle bars and an air pump on the frame, was said to be valued at $3,000.

Two sheds behind the elementary school on Hampton Street were targeted by vandals last weekend. Graffiti in orange paint was found on the sheds, according to the school’s principal, Matt Malone.

Police were called out for the Ragamuffin Parade last Sunday but there were no cases of unruliness reported.