New Year’s Day Charge

    The first drunken-driving arrest of the new year occurred shortly after midnight on Jan. 1, when East Hampton Town police stopped Selma C. Caplan, 46, of Northwest Woods, saying she had been swerving over road lines into oncoming traffic and back onto the shoulder. She was stopped on Cedar Street after making the turn from North Main Street.
    The officer who pulled her over reported that she became irate with him, causing him to request backup. She reportedly failed roadside sobriety tests and was taken back to the station house, where she failed the chemical breath test as well, as disclosed in court.
    Ms. Caplan was released later that morning without bail, due to her longtime roots in the community, but with a future date in court.
    A driver who failed to dim his brights ended up under arrest at about 1 a.m. on Jan. 2 on the charge of driving while intoxicated. Police said Luis O. Garcia, 35, of Irvington, N.J., was driving south on Three Mile Harbor Road as a patrol car was headed north, and failed to dim his lights as required by law.
    The officer reported that Mr. Garcia appeared to be in a drunken state, and when asked to step out of the car did so with difficulty. He was charged with D.W.I. after failing standard field tests and taken to headquarters, where he consented to a chemical breath test. Police recorded his blood-alcohol content at over the legal limit, .08 of 1 percent.
    Bail was set later that morning at $750.
    An officer questioning a motorist who, driving in the oncoming lane, had turned from Springs-Fireplace Road onto Hartley Boulevard in Springs at 5 a.m. on Dec. 31, was greeted with the strong smell of marijuana, according to the police report. Asked if he’d been smoking pot, Michael D. Peralta Munoz, 19, of East Hampton, handed over a glass pipe with a burnt substance in the bowl.
    Charged with driving while impaired by drugs and possession of marijuana, he spent the remainder of the night at the station house before being released in the morning without bail.
    A Springs man faces two separate D.W.I. charges in connection with a single incident, which occurred on the morning of Dec. 22. After a 911 call came in at about 7:40 a.m. reporting a one-car crash on Springs-Fireplace Road, officers found a 2005 Mazda in the woods at the Abraham’s Path intersection. The car had plowed through the woods and into a tree.
    There was no sign of its driver, but a few minutes later one of the officers saw a 2004 GMC driving away from the crash scene. It could not be determined from the redacted report why the officer suspected the driver, Jony G. Guazhambo, 38, as being involved in the accident, but the officer pulled the GMC over. The Mazda was, in fact, registered to Mr. Guazhambo’s wife, according to the report.
    Mr. Guazhambo allegedly acknowledged that he’d been driving the Mazda, and said he’d been texting his wife as he approached the intersection. Police, concluding that he was inebriated, had him perform sobriety tests, which he reportedly failed.
    He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor D.W.I. for each vehicle. He also faces two additional misdemeanor charges of aggravated driving without a license, indicating that his driving privileges had been suspended. He was taken to headquarters and given a breath test there, which he reportedly failed.
    Bail was set later that morning at $500.