Paid Paramedic Coming Soon

       A paid, highly trained, on-call paramedic skilled in advanced life support could be working for the Amagansett Fire Department as early as January or February, according to Daniel Shields II, chairman of the hamlet’s board of fire commissioners. The department allocated $103,000 in its annual budget recently to fund the new position. “We don’t have any choice,” Mr. Shields said at the time.

       The commissioner said yesterday that the schedule is preliminary, but stressed the pressing need across the East End for volunteers for all emergency services. “We’re running out of people right now,” he said.

       Amagansett currently has a volunteer filling the role of paramedic, but the  advanced life support job is an arduous one, requiring constant study and recertification, Mr. Shields explained. The volunteer will remain on the force, but as a regular paramedic, as opposed to being an A.L.S.

       The department is taking its cue from the Montauk Fire Department, which hired an A.L.S. paramedic earlier this year. “We’re using their model,” Mr. Shields said, adding that Montauk’s department is sharing information with Amagansett’s to ensure an easy rollout of the program.

       There was a public hearing held on the matter at the fire house in Amagansett on Oct. 24, at which no opposition was expressed.