On the Police Logs 11.07.13


A yellow Necky brand kayak was stolen last month from the Louse Point Road kayak rack. Dianne York told police she had chained the $600 kayak to a wooden fence.

East Hampton

A light-blue woman’s beach cruiser bicycle with a tan wicker basket and a black seat, left in a stand of tall grass near the train trestle on Spring Close Highway on Oct. 27, was stolen. The owner of the bike, Tonia D’Angelo, placed a value on it of $500. Her daughter had left it unattended for about an hour, she told police. The bike has chrome bumpers, white rubber hand grips, and a Sunflower bell.

Steven Talmage told police last Thursday that someone threw rocks at the windshield of a Caterpillar payloader parked in his sand pit off Middle Highway, damaging it.

East Hampton Village

A Minnesota man staying in a house in Amagansett was found a little after midnight on Oct. 27 sitting on the curb outside the Getty station at the corner of Montauk Highway and Toilsome Lane. He told police, who gave him a ride back home, that “he went out for a walk and did not realize how far he had walked.” He had in fact walked over five miles.

Things got a little rowdy at Rowdy Hall Halloween night when a group refused to pay the cover fee at the door. Police were called but by the time they arrived the deadbeats had disappeared.

A man who wished to remain anonymous, police said, turned in a box of ammunition Friday morning. The bullets will be destroyed.

Two rods and two reels were removed from the roof of a car on the evening of Oct. 29. George Schultz of Center Moriches, who told police he was using a Chase Bank cash machine for no more than five minutes at the time of the theft, valued the fishing gear at almost $2,000.

A 2013 gray Ford Edge valued at $38,000 was taken on the night of Oct. 29 from a Buell Lane Extension driveway. Police did not release the name of its owner.


An exterior door and a light at the Suffolk County Bank on Main Street were vandalized on Oct. 12.

The tires of a Dodge Dakota parked on Monroe Drive were slashed last month for the second time in two years. Police appear to have a suspect in mind — a surveillance camera may have been in place — but the report was heavily redacted. Victor Triolo estimated repairs at $250.

East Hampton Town police this week released a report of a Sept. 12 altercation between a surfer and a surf-casting fisherman at Montauk Point. Gregory Flanagan of Montauk told police that he was casting off the rocks just north of the lighthouse when he accidentally struck the surfer, who “became highly irate and began to paddle to shore.” Mr. Flanagan went to the shoreline to apologize, he said, but “the irate surfer began screaming, cursing, and threatening [him],” according to the report. The surfer grabbed the rod and snapped it off, about 18 inches from the tip, before paddling back out to sea. Police searched for him without success. The 11-foot-long rod was valued at $350.

Sag Harbor

Jeff Nichols, the Pierson High School principal, confiscated marijuana from an unnamed student on Halloween and turned it over to police.

Halloween night brought a call to police about loud music coming from Page at 63 Main Street. Management was told to close the door to keep the merriment inside.

A Hampton Street woman summoned police Sunday night complaining of noise on her roof. An officer reported that hickory nuts were falling off a tree and onto the roof.

A large buck got its rear leg caught in a fence on Redwood Road Sunday morning. Police cut the fence and set the animal free.

There were several calls Oct. 30 about a Sag Harbor man making unwanted visits to various places on and around Bay Street. One call came from the Sag Harbor Gym, where the man, who was a member, was said to be yelling at other members. Another was from a real estate agent, who was told by the man that he was going to the bank “to get his $6 million in cash.” A third call came from an Elizabeth Street woman, who told police the man had taken a fur coat from the house. She said she didn’t want to press charges, she just wanted the coat back. Police are familiar with the man, who appears to be mentally unbalanced, and the coat has been returned.


A not-so-greedy thief broke into a 2006 Toyota RAV 4 parked outside a Fanning Avenue house early Saturday morning. Eugenio Tenesaca, the homeowner, told police his dogs started barking at about 4 a.m. and he noticed the interior light in the car was on. He discovered that a bank envelope inside, once containing $440, now had $240 in it.

A Montauk Boulevard woman called police on Oct. 25 to report a possible burglary. Norma Bushman said several pieces of jewelry belonging to her and her housemate had gone missing in late summer. She had thought they had misplaced the jewelry, she said, but “after reading the news today,” she told police, she believes the missing pieces may be related to the recent arrest of Justin Bennett on multiple burglary charges.


The cabin of a 1990 Dodge pickup truck was entered on Oct. 24 through a rear sliding window while George Cuomo was at work at the sand pit on Georgica Drive, and a Winchester shotgun, valued at $1,500, was stolen.