On the Police Logs 11.14.13


East Hampton

An estimated $9,425 in watches, jewelry, clothing, a camera, shoes, and coffee mugs went missing from Dorothy Greenberg’s Long Hill Road house over a month’s time, she told police on Oct. 15. She gave police the names of two people she believes may be involved.

A 15-year-old student at East Hampton High School told police that someone had taken $50 from her wallet, which was in a backpack left in the girls’ locker room on Oct. 28.

When her dog began to bark at a noise at her back door last Thursday at about 1:45 p.m., Stacy Forsberg of Cedar Drive became concerned. She told police it appeared that someone had attempted to break in through a rear sliding door. Neighbors reported noticing nothing out of the ordinary that day.

East Hampton Village

East Hampton Fire Department volunteers fought a fire Monday evening at a house on Cove Hollow Road owned by Ralph and Nancy Esposito. The damage was contained, though there was considerable damage. As yet there has been no determination of the cause, according to the East Hampton Town fire marshal’s office.

Police issued a summons on Nov. 4 after a Pondview Lane homeowner had her swimming pool drained into the street.

Three juveniles who police said had been warned not to ride their skateboards on the Newtown Lane sidewalk were relieved of them temporarily by officers on Nov. 4. The skateboards will be held for “safekeeping,” according to a report. The youths were detained until their parents and/or guardians could come pick them up.

Juan Zeldon was reunited with his $1,700 Apple laptop two days after he reported that it and several other items had been stolen. On Nov. 5 he told police that someone had taken a backpack containing the laptop, $850 in cash, and a T-shirt, headphones, binoculars, and a knee brace, for which he could not provide a value, from his parked car, either in the Reutershan lot or on Fithian Lane. On Nov. 7, a woman whom police did not identify came into headquarters carrying the laptop, which she said she had found in front of 66 Newtown Lane.

An officer extinguished a small fire in a swimming pool heater at a house on Cottage Avenue on Nov. 5.

Police were called to a Main Street house during the evening of Nov. 5 after a caller reported hearing a child screaming for help. A woman at the house said it was her son, who was acting up after going out of the house and being unable to get back in. He was frightened, she said.

Police returned to Pondview Lane on Friday after a report of leaves burning in the roadway. The East Hampton Fire Department responded as well and took care of the blaze.

On Saturday a Pleasant Lane resident told police her beach cruiser bicycle had been stolen from outside her house. She said she usually locked the bike, but was unsure whether it had been secured before it was taken. She set its value at between $250 and $300.


A woman phoned police to report that a handbag containing a $500 iPhone, a credit card, eyeglasses, $500 in cash, and $30 worth of raffle tickets was taken from a table while she was dancing at Gurney’s Inn on Friday night. Gurney’s security found the bag with all its contents still inside on a nearby table, police said.

Sag Harbor

Two men who skipped out on a $30 bar tab just before midnight on Nov. 5 agreed to pay up after a conversation with an officer. Michael McQuade of Murph’s Tavern on Division Street told police he had followed the men when they left. Instead of agreeing to make good, one of the men cursed, then extended his middle finger to cement the insult. Mr. McQuade, having recognized the two, told police they worked at a nearby restaurant. He declined to press charges when they paid the bill, but said he would have them arrested if they returned to his bar.

Sister Ann of Cormaria retreat on Bay Street walked into police headquarters on Friday afternoon carrying a rusted antique handgun that she said had been found in the building while it was being renovated. Police put the gun, which they said was inoperable, into storage while its fate was decided.

Jeff Robin noticed a fox afoot in the village park at Otter Pond on Saturday and reported it to police.

An anonymous caller told police of someone operating a leaf blower at a Hillside Drive property Sunday afternoon.

Detective Jeffrey Proctor filed a report that 13 streetlights in the village were not working as of 5:30 in the morning on Monday.


Renee Guadino’s white and blue paddleboard and a sand-filled punching bag were taken from her Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road yard on Nov. 2, she told police. The sporting goods were valued at $800 in all, police said.