Armed Robbery in Harbor

       Sag Harbor police are investigating an armed robbery on Main Street early Tuesday evening.

       According to the police report, a couple described as Hispanic, said to be in their mid-to-late 20s, entered the Corner Closet, a high-end vintage boutique at about 6 p.m. One employee was alone in the shop at the time. The man showed a handgun, the employee told police, and forced her to the rear of the store into a storage area, where her hands and feet were tied up.

       The couple then went to the front of the store and stole several items before fleeing. The employee freed herself of the restraints and ran into the street to call the police. A list of the stolen items had not been released as of press time.

       It was not the first time this year that the Corner Closet, at 108 Main Street, has been targeted by thieves. On May 29, Seema Stromberg, the owner, was in the store when two people entered. One was a woman; Ms. Stromberg realized before long that the other was a man in drag. The two tried on several pieces of clothing. Then, as one was at the counter preparing to pay, the other grabbed two expensive Hermes handbags and two by Chanel, out of a showcase. The pair then hurried out, and Ms. Stromberg realized they had also made off with five designer dresses.

       “They knew exactly what they were doing,” she said at the time, adding that she was going to install surveillance cameras in the store.

       Police announced yesterday that they would soon release a “much more accurate” description of the suspects in Tuesday’s incident.