On the Police Logs 11.21.13


A black Apple iPad in a gray case was reported stolen from a house on Meeting House Lane late last month. Margaret Eichhorn told police that she had brought in four men to remove unwanted furniture, including a couch in the living room. After the men left, she realized that the iPad, which she said had been next to the couch, was gone. Police said they interviewed the workers, from 1-800-GOT-JUNK, and all four denied seeing or taking the tablet, valued at $799.

East Hampton

Maria Barrera parked her unlocked 2008 Chevrolet in front of her Bayview Avenue house on Nov. 5. When she returned to the car two days later, she found that her pocketbook, which she had left on the front seat, had been gone through, and that $550 in cash inside had been stolen.

East Hampton Village

The Chauncey Close house belonging to Carl Tiedemann had a couple of unwelcome visitors last week. The live-in caretaker there told police on Nov. 13 that she had found a hunter armed with a bow and arrow on the property. She chased him off, she said. She also reported seeing “a male in camouflage armed with a shotgun on the property.” She requested an increase in police patrols.

Nov. 11 was apparently not a good Monday night for football in Herrick Park. The south goal was found the next morning on the ground, with the two posts snapped in half. The Department of Public Works estimated the cost of repairs at $250.

Police received a report on Friday that a “small motorized boat” was harassing the swans in Town Pond. When an officer arrived, he found the boat far from the swans. However, the operator of the model boat, who said he was testing its remote control, said that the swans had come to him, on the shore, “looking for food.” The report concludes, “Negative problems.”

The owner of a 9-week-old Labrador told police Sunday morning that his puppy had either been stolen or escaped from his car, which was parked in the Reutershan lot. Police searched the lot to no avail, but the report had a happy ending. The owner called police later that morning to say that “when he returned to the beach to look for the puppy, he had located same.”


Two people set off an alarm when they entered the Montauk Lighthouse late on the night of Oct. 22. The lighthouse keeper heard the alarm but did not see the two, who fled when the alarm went off. Nothing was reported stolen or damaged. There was a surveillance camera in place, but police have not been able to find the suspects.


A white van parked at a construction site on Tall Tree Court over the weekend of Nov. 8 to Nov. 10 was broken into and its contents stolen. Matthew Bobek told police that when he returned to the site Monday, he found that the lock on the passenger side of the van had been ripped away from the door. Among the items stolen was a Honda generator, valued at $1,800, a miter box, a gas compressor, and a table saw, all made by DeWalt, an air-staple gun and finishing nails, and other tools. The total value of the stolen items was placed at more than $6,000.


A 12-pack of Budweiser was stolen from the Hess gas station Saturday night. The thief fled with the beer on foot, headed in the direction of the sandpit. A surveillance camera apparently caught the person in the act. Police have circulated an image taken from the video, without success.