On the Police Logs 11.28.13

East Hampton Village

Montauk Highway was shut down for about an hour on the afternoon of Nov. 18 when a Montauk man’s car caught fire. Jeremiah Desmond was headed west near Daniel’s Hole Road a little before 3 when he noticed smoke coming from the hood of his 1999 Chevrolet sedan. He pulled over and got out of the car, shortly before the engine burst into flames. The East Hampton Fire Department arrived to extinguish the blaze, and no one was hurt.

Later that day another call came into the firehouse, this one reporting flames in a Dumpster at the Maidstone Club. Firefighters quickly doused the burning rubbish.

A Dayton Lane man complained on the evening of Nov. 19 of “loud, amplified music” coming from a house on Gingerbread Lane. A 71-year-old Gingerbread Lane woman told police she was unaware there was a speaker on her back deck, and turned it off.

On Nov. 20, a 13-year-old skateboarder had his board confiscated by police after ignoring repeated warnings to stop zipping back and forth in the alleyway by Starbuck’s. According to the police report, the youth “had no intention of abiding by the village codes and laws regarding skateboarding on the sidewalk.”

Also on Nov. 20, police received a report of “children playing soccer and interfering with pedestrian traffic” in the alleyway by BookHampton. An officer reported seeing “a large party of children disperse” as he arrived.

The manager of BookHampton called police again on Friday, reporting “several Middle School-aged boys and girls were skateboarding and screaming in the alley.” The group was gone when police arrived.

On Saturday night police were called to a fight outside the Palm Restaurant, but when they arrived the two combatants, one of whom lives in Staten Island and the other in Manhattan, had been separated. No charges were pressed.

A tree came down on Main Street just east of Woods Lane Sunday morning. The road was closed for about an hour while a payloader cleared the debris.


Charles Morici told police that Jimmy Hewitt, the owner of the Shagwong restaurant, had asked that he bring him two cartons of fish on Nov. 16, but when he arrived he was told the fish were no longer needed. As he left, both cartons of fish fell out the back of his truck. Enraged, he ran over the cartons several times and drove away. The next afternoon, he told police, when he returned to the dock after a day of fishing, he found fish crammed under the hood of his unlocked vehicle. Mr. Hewitt told police he knew nothing of the incident. Police photographed the truck’s engine compartment, which Mr. Morici said he would clean himself. No charges were pressed.


A Playmate tennis-volley machine, weighing over 100 pounds, was stolen from a tennis court on a Northwest Road property sometime in the last month and a half. Arthur Mantel told police he had last seen the machine, which he valued at $3,000, on Oct. 12, in a corner of his court.


A thief rummaged through an unlocked Honda, parked overnight on Sheepfold Lane on Nov. 17, and made off with about $100 and a jar of prescription pills belonging to Henry Gant Jr. Last winter and spring saw a rash of similar incidents, and police advised residents at the time to lock their cars when leaving them, even in a driveway.