Gone: Key, Padlock, Cash Box

    A mechanic reporting to work last Thursday morning at T&B Auto Service in Amagansett found the padlock on the office door gone, its hidden key missing, and the door jimmied open.
    Billy Vorpahl, an owner of the business, told police the petty cash box, containing about $500, was missing. David Rawleigh, the manager, said on Tuesday that T&B was going to install surveillance cameras. “It’s a shame,” he said, “but it is a deterrence.”
    Mr. Vorpahl told police he could not imagine who, of among his former and current employees, would do such a thing.
    In another break-in, this time in Springs, Laurie Wiltshire, the owner of a Wainscott land-planning business, returned to her Sycamore Drive house on the afternoon of Jan. 7 to find that someone had been in the master bedroom. Several drawers had been pulled open and rifled through, but nothing appeared to be missing.
    Police found that the intruder had gained entrance through the basement, having apparently tried a sliding door first. There was some damage to the door.
    A $30,000 Bobcat Steer T-300 skid loader, along with attachments, was reported stolen last week from a construction site on Oyster Shores Road in East Hampton. James Zayicek, the site manager of Landscape Details, a Sag Harbor firm that implements the designs of landscape architects, described the T-300 a versatile machine that can operate as a forklift, a mini-plow, or a tractor. It is orange and white, with Landscape Details decals and the number 3 on both sides.
    Last Thursday, Donald Wansor Jr. reported another valuable piece of machinery, a blue four-wheel-drive New Holland TC-30 tractor, stolen. The nine-foot long tractor, last seen on Dec. 27 on a Hedges Lane, East Hampton, property, was owned by the Hampton Rustic Landscaping Company.
    A mower deck was missing as well, according to the report. Together, the tractor and deck were valued at $20,000.