On the Police Logs 01.10.13


    Two decorative stone pillars, one with the address “276” on it, were stolen from an Amagansett house late in December, the owner, Ellen Oliver, reported last week. Police checked various addresses in town having that number but failed to find the missing pillars.

East Hampton

    Gustavo Saldana’s leather jacket was stolen on New Year’s Eve during a party on Muir Boulevard. His Samsung Galaxy cellphone, valued at $500, was in a pocket along with his post office box key. About 50 people were at the party, he told police.

East Hampton Village

    A black mountain bike was found chained to a tree in front of Starbucks last week. The Village Highway Department came and cut the chain, allowing police to take the bicycle to headquarters, where it was claimed by an 18-year-old East Hampton woman.

    The same homeless man whom police have found sleeping in various places around the village in the last few weeks was found again on Jan. 8, this time in a closet area near John Papas Restaurant. Police again advised the man, identified as Gregory Cruickshank, of the locations of the nearest homeless shelters.
    Police found another man asleep later that day in a public place, this time the train station. The man agreed to leave the station and head home. He was reportedly sleeping it off.


    A pellet from a BB gun damaged the front window of Martell’s on Jan. 3, James Martell reported. Police discovered that the vacant store next door had been similarly vandalized.  

Sag Harbor

    Robin Lindgren complained on Friday morning of broken bottles around the Harbor Heights service station. Broken glass was found around near the pump area and at the front door. It has been an ongoing problem, and Ms. Lindgren, who, with Greg Miller, runs the business, suspects that former employees might be responsible. She requested extra patrols on the midnight shift.

    A man was seen recently outside the elementary school on Division Street taking photographs of the children and the cars that were picking them up. Police found that the man was a school employee verifying students’ residences.