On the Police Logs 12.19.13

East Hampton

The owner of an air-conditioning and heating repair company told police that he had received a threatening call on Dec. 4. A former client had threatened “to use police or other private citizens” to come after him, he said. Jorge Garcia told police that he had been trying to collect $328 that was due him from a woman who lives on Hither Lane. The woman, whose name was redacted from the police report, in turn told police that it was Mr. Garcia who had started the incident by shouting and using obscenities. After speaking to both, police told Mr. Garcia that he should go through civil court to resolve the dispute.

On the night of Dec. 10, while Jorge Castillo of Springs was visiting his 5-year-old daughter on West Drive, where she lives with her mother, the windshield, rear window, and two side windows of his 2000 Nissan Maxima were smashed out, he reported to police. He said he heard a smashing sound and went running outside, only to see the rear lights of a car speeding away from his damaged vehicle. He estimated the cost of the damage at $1,000.

East Hampton Village

Police said they found Frank J. Garcia-Collado, a 30-year-old Springs resident, “intoxicated and agitated” and holding a whip about 11 p.m. on Dec. 11 at East Hampton Grill on North Main Street. Mr. Garcia-Collado told police that he had gone into the bar “to look for a job, because he had worked there in the past.” He was asked to leave, but “when the manager spoke to him,” Mr. Garcia-Collado told police, “he was disrespectful.” The police confiscated the whip “due to his emotional state and his high level of intoxication” and told him he could pick it up the next day at police headquarters. They also gave him a ride home.

Police received a complaint about loud music coming from the back of the CVS drug store on Pantigo Road. An officer found a deliveryman unloading supplies and listening to the radio. When asked to, he turned the radio off.

One of the machines at East Hampton Cleaners on Newtown Lane caught fire on Dec. 11. East Hampton Fire Department volunteers quickly put out the flames and set up exhaust fans to clear the smoke.

A woman on Buell Lane told police last week that a small jewelry box containing $10,000 in gold earrings was stolen sometime between Thanksgiving and Dec. 4. The woman said the front door had been left unlocked.