On the Police Logs 12.26.13


Paul Brooke saw a man he knew come onto his Indian Wells Highway property early on Saturday morning. Mr. Brooke told police he heard the sound of glass breaking and then watched as the man ran away. He found the back window of his 2008 Ford pickup truck smashed. Mr. Brooke said he would not press charges if the vandal agreed to pay for the damage, which, after being confronted by the police, he agreed to do.

East Hampton Village

On Dec. 18, a Lily Pond Lane man was walking on the beach near his house when “four small white dogs approached him in an aggressive manner,” he told police. He “kicked sand at the dogs, for his protection,” according to the report. The dogs’ owner saw things differently, telling police that his pets were being friendly, and that he told the beach walker, “Do not kick at my dogs.”

“Control them, or I will kill one,” was the reported answer, to which the dog owner, a Town Lane resident, replied, “If you kill one of my dogs, I will kill you.” Police advised the two men to avoid each other in the future, and they agreed.

A homeless man was warned not to sleep in the post office lobby on Gay Road in future, lest he be arrested for trespassing.

A shopkeeper at Bonne Nuit on Main Street told police on Dec. 16 that a man who had previously been in the store came back and asked her if she was working alone, and what time she closed. Police looked for the man without finding him, and returned at closing time to make sure the woman was safe.

An employee of Calypso told police on Dec. 18 that there were suspicious men in the alley behind the shop, possibly intending to break in. Police found several teenagers in the alley, warned them against trespassing, and notified their parents.


About 200 feet of Romex 10-gauge cable was stolen from a job site at 194 West Lake Drive on Dec. 9. John Scollan estimated the value of the missing cable at $300.

On Dec. 10, a thief said to be targeting two prescription bottles of amphetamine salts, a controlled substance, at a Second House Road residence, mistakenly grabbed a bottle of Acydovir, an over-the-counter drug used to treat cold sores. The thief took the empty bottle to the East Hampton CVS and tried to have it refilled, at which time the pharmacy notified the rightful owner, who told police she did not want to press charges.

Sag Harbor

Police went to investigate a report of a school bus that had been idling for two hours on Grand Street, spreading fumes, on Dec. 17, but found the bus’s motor off. It appeared that the fumes were coming from a nearby fireplace.

A Torpedo space heater, valued at $900, was taken from the Bulova Watch Case Factory condominium project work site early Sunday morning.

Police received a report of several teenagers screaming on Prospect Street late Saturday night. An officer found that a house party was taking place there. A teenager at the house told the officer it was his party, and that his parents were not home. The officer smelled marijuana smoke, and noticed a number of empty beer and liquor bottles. Entering the house, he found about 30 teenagers hiding in the kitchen, many of whom ran out the door upon seeing him. Police confiscated a number of small amounts of marijuana, as well as two knapsacks containing liquor bottles. No one has come to headquarters to claim the knapsacks or the marijuana, police said.