Drinking, Driving, Drugs

    Two men were arrested in East Hampton Town last week on drunken-driving charges and a third on a charge of driving while impaired by drugs.
    Responding to a call reporting an erratic driver on Montauk Highway in Wainscott Saturday night, town police stopped Sergio Rosero-Gonzalez, 28, of East Hampton, who was charged after reportedly failing standard field sobriety tests and refusing to take a roadside breath test. Back at the station house, however, he consented to breathe into the Intoxilyzer, which recorded his blood-alcohol content as over the legal limit.
    Several family members and friends of Mr. Rosero-Gonzalez were in court the next morning, when bail was set at $1,000.
    Erratic driving was also the cause of a 4 a.m. traffic stop on Jan. 13, resulting in the arrest of Gabriel V. Jimbo-Quito. Mr. Jimbo-Quito, 49, of Springs was first seen at the intersection of Abraham’s Path and Three Mile Harbor Road in East Hampton, signaling a turn but not immediately making it and at one point switching off his headlights. When he did make the turn onto Three Mile Harbor Road he swerved across the double lines, police said.
     The officer activated his lights, but Mr. Jimbo-Quito reportedly ignored them and continued north until the siren was turned on, when he pulled over near Copeces Lane. He appeared quite intoxicated, the report says, having trouble finding identification, and was extremely unsteady on his feet. He allegedly held onto his car several times to keep his balance, and failed roadside sobriety tests, except for the one-legged test, which the officer did not administer, fearing the man might fall down if he attempted it.
    At headquarters, the Intoxilyzer test produced a reading of over twice the legal limit, and the charge of driving while intoxicated was elevated to aggravated D.W.I. East Hampton Town Justice Catherine Cahill set bail later that morning at $750.
    An 11 a.m. traffic stop on Jan. 16, on Cedar Street near Roberts Lane in East Hampton, led to the arrest of Mario A. Betancur, 26, of East Hampton. His 1999 Acura, according to police, smelled strongly of marijuana, and he was arrested on the misdemeanor charge of impairment, having reportedly failed roadside sobriety tests. Mr. Betancur refused to consent to a blood test at the station house, leading to an automatic suspension of his driver’s license.
    He was additionally charged with two counts of possession of marijuana, one of them a simple violation but the second, possession of and smoking marijuana in public, another misdemeanor. Bail was set at $350.