On the Police Logs 01.24.13


Doreen Drohan, a food vendor who took over the old Dune Doggie spot at Indian Wells Beach, told police last week that the Dune Doggie sign had been stolen from her car, which was parked outside a house on Three Mile Harbor Road. The white sign is four feet wide, with “Dune Doggie” written on top and the menu written below.

East Hampton

Stephen Agudo received a letter he considered threatening last week and reported it to police, noting that he is on the board of the Three Mile Harbor trailer park.

A burglary on Atlantic Street last June was marked solved in late December, when Frederick and Penny Knapp discovered that their missing items, valued at thousands of dollars, had been misplaced in a trunk hidden in their basement.

Anthony Bennett of Bayview Avenue reports repeated calls from a stranger, who keeps demanding that he repay a nonexistent loan. The calls started early last week. Mr. Bennett told police that the caller has his Social Security number. He was advised not to speak with the caller while an investigation continues.

East Hampton Village

A dog was reported to be locked in a Maserati parked near the East Hampton Grill on North Main Street early Saturday evening. An officer found the car and reported the dog in good health. Just then the owner showed up and said he and the dog were heading home.

A man walking on the beach during the early evening Saturday reported lights flashing on and off at a Lily Pond Lane house. Police found nothing suspicious.

Joseph Welsh of Fairview Avenue reported that his car had been the target of egg-throwing vandals for two straight nights last week. Police said they would increase patrols, and encouraged Mr. Welsh to contact Officer Rodriguez at East Hampton High School should the vandals return.

Barbara Kalle of Beach Plum Road discovered recently that her house had been listed fraudulently on Craig’s List as being for rent. There were several similar occurrences last year involving addresses in Montauk and elsewhere on the East End. The object of these ads appears to be to bilk unsuspecting renters out of deposit checks, a tactic that succeeded several times last year, according to police.

Northwest Woods
A mail box on Marion Lane belonging to Barbara McNiff was vandalized on the night of Jan. 5. Police checking the neighborhood discovered several other boxes, a number of them on Highland Lane, had been attacked, all having been struck with some kind of club. Ms. McNiff told police that her dogs began barking wildly at about 8 p.m.

Sag Harbor

A housekeeper who was discharged from a position on Madison Street was reported by the homeowner to have entered the premises without permission last Thursday. The owner told police she was demanding money and would not return the key to the house. Police are looking for the woman.

A Ninevah Place house was broken into last week, but the owner, Maura Lynch, told police last Saturday that nothing had been taken. The intruders cut through a screen door, police said.

The hedges in front of a Latham Street house were cut sometime in the last few months without the permission of the owner, Adair Goodyear, who returned to Sag Harbor last weekend after being away for a time. She asked police if it were possible that the Village Highway Department had done it.