On the Police Logs 02.07.13

The new front door of a Napeague Lane house had damage consistent with an attempted break-in, according to the caretaker, Orly Friedman. Ms. Friedman told police the attempt was unsuccessful. She watches other Beach Hampton houses, she said, and has not seen any similar damage. The door was valued at $500

East Hampton

A Montauk woman took her 7-year-old granddaughter, who had her white iPod Touch and an American Girl doll with her, to the East End Pediatrics Center last week. Gloria Zuleta told police she had taken the child into the bathroom, and when they returned to the waiting room a red and orange fleece Crossbody bag containing the $220 iPod was gone. An officer checked the parking lot and the staff later searched the entire premises, but the bag could not be found.

Two East Hampton High School students have reported thefts from their gym lockers over the past several weeks. A 16-year-old boy had $10 taken from his pants pocket in December, and a 16-year-old girl had her Infinity ring, valued at $105, stolen during the first week of January.

East Hampton Village

A woman who tried to walk out of Scoop Beach with a $1,200 Hero jacket on the afternoon of Jan. 28 dropped the jacket in the doorway when a security alarm went off, then hurried away. The manager of the Newtown Lane store described her to police as “a white female, about five-foot-five, with electric-red hair and very, very skinny.” She promised to turn over a copy of the store’s surveillance video once she receives it from corporate headquarters.

Martha Gundersen, a real estate broker with Brown Harris Stevens, reported a bizarre call last week from a man who claimed to be a Detective O’Neary of the East Hampton Town Police. The caller said her car had been involved in an accident, that she had to answer some questions, and that “You have to believe me.” Looking at the caller ID number, she noticed that the call was coming from somewhere in Europe, and asked the man why, if he worked for the East Hampton police, he was calling from an international phone number, upon which he hung up. Police have the number.


Walter Glinka, a driver for Pink Tuna Taxi, picked up a fare on Industrial Road and took her to Springs-Fireplace Road in Springs, a roundtrip of about an hour. The woman told him her boyfriend would pay for it, but the man informed the driver he would only pay $14 for the $60 round-trip fare. Mr. Glinka chose instead to go to police headquarters, but when he returned to the house with a police officer the couple were nowhere to be found. The officer told him to call back in the morning, but Mr. Glinka said it was not worth his time and returned to Montauk unpaid.

Sag Harbor

A resident of Terry Drive told police that a man he had met through an online dating service had taken the Jitney last Thursday to spend the weekend with him. After dropping off his guest at the train station on Monday, the local man sent him a text message saying he didn’t think it would work out, but that they should still be friends. The guest replied with a series of “nasty” texts, which his host showed to police.


A nighttime thief rifled through an unlocked car parked in front of a house on Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road last week and made off with $285 cash. The victim, Rita Alarcon, told police her motion detector light had gone on at about 12:30 a.m. but she did not get up to investigate.

A Lafayette Street man phoned police on the morning of Jan. 30 to say that mail of all kinds was scattered across his front lawn. Alex Colonna reported that several of the letters, with addresses all along the street, had been opened. An officer gathered the mail and returned it to the post office. Tampering with mail is a misdemeanor in New York State, and a federal crime as well.