A Slippery End to January

    Ice, snow, and prancing deer led to a number of accidents on the roads last week, according to reports released by East Hampton Town police.
    Ryan Balnis of East Hampton told police he struck a deer while driving on Springs-Fireplace Road on the night of Jan. 25. The collision caused damage across the car’s front end, but Mr. Balnis was not hurt.
    On the night of Jan. 28, Thomas Howd of Sudbury, Mass., slid off the road in his 2001 Honda when he tried to brake at a stop sign at Stephen Hand’s Path and Hand’s Creek Road in East Hampton. He ended up leveling the stop sign, but was unhurt.
    That same night, Horacia Sofi of East Hampton had her 2005 Dodge slide across a patch of ice on South Breeze Drive in East Hampton, hitting a tree. She was able to walk away from the accident, but the car was towed.
    Sean Rogan of East Hampton had his 1998 Audi slide off the road on the ice on a curve on Old Orchard Lane near Hand’s Creek Road, also on Jan. 28. The car struck a tree and had to be towed away, but Mr. Rogan and his passenger were able to walk away.
    About an hour later, Christopher Bustamante of Montauk was trying to navigate a 2009 Toyota on a turn at Old Orchard Lane and Bob White Court in Northwest, East Hampton, when he hit ice, sliding off the road and striking a tree. The car was towed. Mr. Bustamante walked away.
    Another Montauk resident had an accident on the 28th when Carolyn Clinch, driving a 2011 Chevrolet on Montauk Highway near Second House Road in that hamlet, tried but failed to avoid a deer that had run into her vehicle’s path. The car sustained front-end damage, but she was able to drive it away.
    James Ryan of East Hampton was driving a Mercedes on Old Northwest Road in East Hampton when a deer ran out across the roadway at about 2:15 p.m. on Jan. 30, causing him to swerve off the road, sideswiping both a telephone pole and a tree, police said.
    Ling Li struck a deer on Saturday afternoon while driving on Route 114 near Swamp Road in East Hampton. His 2010 Volkswagen had front-end damage. He was not hurt.
    Earlier that day, Ashley Colichio of Bellport swerved to avoid a deer on Fort Pond Boulevard in Springs and struck several mailboxes, police said. Her 2007 Ford was damaged on its front end on the passenger side, but she was unhurt.
    A 2005 Chrysler being driven by Joshua Ryan of East Hampton went for an unplanned snow-ride late Saturday night in Montauk, doing a 180-degree spin as he tried to avoid a deer dashing through the snow, with the car finally hitting a light pole at Flamingo Avenue and Wills Point Road. The air bags deployed, and the car had to be towed, but Mr. Ryan was uninjured in the accident.
    Angel Jimenez of Montauk had his 2008 GM slide off the road on ice at the intersection of Cosdrew Lane and Whooping Hollow Road in East Hampton early Sunday morning, doing some front-end damage but leaving him un