On the Police Logs 02.21.13


A wallet lost in early January at the Amagansett IGA by Helen Sheehy of Meeting House Lane turned up in her post office box a few weeks later with its contents still inside. She did not have any money in it when it was lost.

East Hampton Town

A Muir Boulevard man called police in the early morning hours of Feb. 5, reporting that his house mate had punched him in the face twice. The housemate told the responding officer that the caller had punched him first. According to the police report, both men appeared to be drunk. They promised to stay in their separate rooms for the rest of the night, and the officer drove away. No charges were filed.

East Hampton Village

Saturday night at the East Hampton Cinema proved an unsalutary experience for a Sag Harbor woman, who left her purse behind when she left the theater. She reported to police that she called the theater about 20 minutes later and was told the bag had been turned in with money in it. When she reclaimed her bag, however, she said $2,000 was missing. Detectives are investigating.

 A small dog was reportedly running amok amid the aisles of the CVS Pharmacy on Pantigo Road Friday evening. An officer caught the pooch and called East Hampton Town animal control, where an employee said it had dealt with the dog before. The dog, a pug, belongs to the Totten family, who live nearby, and dog and master were soon reunited.

A 13-year-old East Hampton Middle School student reported that his headphones were stolen from his locker early last week. They were valued at $300.

A light pole collapsed near the intersection of Egypt and Middle Lanes Saturday night. The police report notes that it was “rotted at the base.”

Snow and wind played tricks on an officer’s eyes Sunday morning when he went to investigate what appeared to be off-season duck hunting near Cove Hollow Farm Road. It turned out to be an empty duck blind with burlap strips flapping in the wind.

Reports of a possibly distressed seal on Georgica Beach proved unfounded last Thursday. The animal had apparently swum away by the time police arrived.


The Montauk Post Office was the scene of a parking-lot theft earlier this month. Frank Carella reported to the police that someone had gone into his car, which was parked in the employees-only lot on Feb. 4, removing the Sirius radio. The radio was found near a fence in the parking lot, where it had apparently been tossed.

 A Montauk man, Arthur Lucas, reported to police on Saturday that the sliding door on a house he was watching for its owner on North Farragut Road looked like someone had attempted to jimmy it open. An investigating officer said the prospective thief had apparently failed to gain entry. Checking with other residents of North Farragut, police learned no one had seen suspicious activity. The owner of the house was due out this week to check on whether anything was missing.

Sag Harbor

Dylan Hmielenski of 138 Main Street told police that someone had been using his automatic teller machine, or debit, card. Police found multiple transactions from a .com Web site, totaling $990.71. Mr. Hmielenski had a similar problem six months ago and has now canceled his card for the second time.