On the Police Logs 02.28.13


After midnight at the Stephen Talkhouse was the scene of a dispute early Saturday morning. Matt Schmitt, who was awarded the tongue-in-cheek title of Mr. Amagansett for 2013 at a fund-raiser at the Talkhouse earlier this month, told police that two men were bothering customers at the bar, and that he had confronted them. One of them ripped off his glasses, cutting Mr. Schmitt’s face as he did so. The man then tossed the glasses onto the floor and crushed them under his foot. When police arrived, the pair fled. Officers caught up with one of them, not the one who had attacked Mr. Schmitt but a 20-year-old from Oakdale, who was released after a background check. Mr. Schmitt declined medical attention.

An Amagansett Main Street resident, Thomas Burke, complained to police last week that Hampton Luxury Liner drivers park outside his house and idle their engines. When he boarded one of the buses at about 9 p.m. on Feb. 15 to complain, he told police, the driver verbally abused him and shoved him off the bus. An officer spoke to the company’s safety manager, who said the drivers are not supposed to idle their engines for more than two minutes, and that when waiting in Amagansett, which is the Liner’s easternmost stop, they are told to park near Luz’s Deli, about a mile east of Main Street. The driver in question told police it was Mr. Burke who was abusive, not he, and said he would call police if Mr. Burke confronted him again. Mr. Burke said he has been in contact with town government officials regarding the situation.

East Hampton

Stuart Vorpahl went to church last Sunday with his wife and returned home to find a large orange oxygen tank, used for welding, missing from his yard. The tank and its cap were valued together at $300.

East Hampton Village

A Hook Pond Lane resident called police to her house on Friday night, saying she was having trouble opening the front door and that a light was on in the TV room that shouldn’t have been. Two officers helped her get the lock open and checked the house, finding all well. The light may have been left on by the cleaning staff, the report says.

A Springs woman was walking a dog for a client on Wiborg’s Beach on the evening of Feb. 19 when the animal ran off and she lost it. Police searched for the dog, but had to stop as it was getting dark. The dog-walker said she’d tell the dog’s Dunemere Lane owners that it was lost, but called back a little later to report that the it had found its way home.


Therese Dettori parked on Navy Road and went to take her dog for a walk. When she returned, the car had slid down the slight decline of the road and rolled across the shoulder and into some trees. Officers who went to help noted that the keys had been left in the ignition and the car in neutral.

Northwest Woods

The recent weekend snowstorms brought some unwelcome visitors to the condominiums on Treescape Drive. Police reported that trespassers forced open a gate near the pool area in the last weekend of January and went “sledding down the roof of the pool house. They left behind a yellow disc sled marked Empire. The gate was repaired, but the invaders returned in the second weekend in February after another snowstorm. This time they gained access to bathrooms in the pool house and scattered toilet paper around. Police followed tracks leading from the bathrooms through the snowy woods, but lost the trail near Middle Highway.