On the Police Logs 03.14.13


A gray blanket for a horse was reported missing on March 1 from a Town Lane stable. A car had been seen speeding away from the stable, raising the suspicion of a theft. However, the blanket later turned up in a nearby field. The horse had apparently disblanketed itself.

East Hampton

An East Hampton woman, Layla Bennett, was driving her Volkswagen on Osborne Lane and passing what she thought was a parked car, when a man jumped out from it and raised his hands, stopping her. She was speeding, he said angrily, and could have hit him. Ms. Bennett told him she was not speeding, and tried to drive away, when the irate man kicked the rear panel of her car, causing severe damage. She went to the police, who found the other driver. The man, whose identity was not released, agreed to pay for the damage to her 2003 Beetle, which has been assessed at over $1,000.

A Three Mile Harbor woman called police on Friday after receiving several unwelcome advances from a housemate. Police advised the person to stop, and the woman declined to press charges.
Patricia Cartino reported last week that while she and her family were clearing out their late mother’s apartment at Windmill Village they noticed that several items had gone missing. Police are treating the event as a burglary. The missing items include a green and white chair, a coat rack, and several pictures.

East Hampton Village

A bicycle belonging to a 15-year-old student was stolen from its place near the Middle School on Saturday evening. The boy told police he had probably not closed the combination lock properly.
A dog named Zeke, being walked by his owner in the Main Beach parking lot one afternoon last week, jumped up and pawed the side of an East Hampton man’s car, leaving a small scratch in the finish. The car’s owner reported the incident, which he wanted documented for insurance purposes.


Gloria Sanchez of South Elroy Drive called police last month after the fixed window on her slider door was smashed.

Rita Balciuniate-Burns, who works at Naturally Good, Montauk’s popular health food store/restaurant, reported that $45 was stolen from her wallet last Thursday. She’d left the wallet in her handbag where employees leave their things while they work and did not notice the money missing until the end of the day. Police are investigating.

Northwest Woods

Mailboxes on a number of lanes were the targets of vandals Saturday night. One on Oak Hill Lane, another on Marion Lane, and a third on Cosdrew Lane were knocked down, post and all. The Marion Lane house has been a repeated target in the past months. Because there are no through-roads in the neighborhood, the vandals would have had to drive around quite a bit to reach the different addresses.


At some point in the past three months someone emptied 400 pounds of used brass shell cartridges out of a barrel on the firing range at the Maidstone Gun Club.