Visit From a Dogless Man

    Craig Macnaughton and his wife, who live in the Maidstone Park section of East Hampton, had a strange visitor on the morning of March 6, when a man walked into their house, uninvited. The man apparently thought nobody was home, as the Macnaughtons’ car was not parked in front of the house, which is on Flaggy Hole Road.
    The Macnaughtons’ dog began barking, alerting them to the presence of an apparent intruder. Mr. Macnaughton confronted the man, who said he was looking for his dog, which he’d lost at the beach. The man went on to give a rather detailed description of the missing animal, saying it was a black Labrador puppy.
    “The dog’s name was Harley, and he comes when he is called,” Mr. Macnaughton remembered the man saying. The man then left in a hurry, running toward Three Mile Harbor Road, and the Macnaughtons called East Hampton Town police.
    A few minutes later and not far away, Laura Molinari of Bon Pinck Way, Springs, returned home to find the same man standing on her porch, according to police. He told her, too, that he was looking for a missing dog before he ran to a neighbor’s property, jumped into a gray Toyota sedan, and drove away. The neighbor was not home at the time.
    Ms. Molinari reported that her hide-a-key was missing. Police are investigating.