Asked the Wrong Stranger About Weed

    On the cool morning of March 25, East Hampton Village Police Chief Gerard Larsen was sitting in his unmarked car in the Main Beach parking lot, sipping a cup of hot coffee, when a gold Mercedes-Benz rolled up next to him.
    The Mercedes driver lowered his window, and the chief did likewise.
    “I thought he wanted directions,” Chief Larsen said Tuesday. Instead, the man asked the chief if he smoked grass.
    No, was the answer, and the Mercedes rolled away, with the chief trailing it. Mr. Larsen called for a patrol car, and the Mercedes was pulled over on North Main Street by the windmill.
    The officer who made the stop reported that when the driver opened his window “the odor of marijuana” wafted out. A search of the car reportedly revealed a scale, a plastic bag of what appeared to be marijuana, some rolling paper, and a lighter.
    The driver, James P. Fabrizio, 22, of Springs, was charged with a class B misdemeanor, possession of 25 grams or more of marijuana, as well as driving with ability impaired by drugs. Police said the contents of the bag tested positive as marijuana, and Mr. Fabrizio consented to have his blood drawn for a chemical test to check the level of drugs in his system.
    Mr. Fabrizio was arrested a year ago, almost to the day, on a charge of driving while intoxicated. East Hampton Town police reported at the time that his blood alcohol content was .19, over twice the legal limit, make the charge even more serious. He was again arrested last November, this time after an alleged altercation with his mother, who was given an order of protection from East Hampton Justice Court.
    Mr. Fabrizio is due in court today on all three sets of charges.
    A Montauk man, Michael Ciccariello, 34, was arrested on March 19 after allegedly entering the bedroom of a sleeping woman, lying down next to her, and sexually touching her. The incident reportedly took place on March 10, in a house on Tuthill Road. The woman had been out drinking with her boyfriend and several others, Mr. Ciccariello among them, police were told. She returned home and went to bed at 4 a.m. The report was heavily redacted, but it appears there was at least one other person sleeping over in the house.
    At about 6:30 a.m. the woman woke up. She thought at first that her boyfriend was lying next to her, she told police, but quickly realized it was Mr. Ciccariello. She “screamed at him and hit him, to get him out of the house.” He left, and she called police. An officer then called the man on his cellphone. He told the officer, according to the report, that “he didn’t know why she was getting so upset, because they have known each other for a while and had hooked up before.”
    Mr. Ciccariello was charged with two misdemeanors, forcible touching and criminal trespassing. He was released without bail on March 20.
    A Springs man rode himself into an arrest on St. Patrick’s Day, according to the police, who said that Jorge E. Meza, 29, was riding his Suzuki motorcycle west in the eastbound lane in order to pass traffic near the parade on Main Street. An officer told him to pull over and remove his helmet. Instead, Mr. Meza sped away, police said, almost hitting a Shelter Island officer who tried to stop him. There was a massive police presence at the parade, with officers from all East End jurisdictions on hand.
    Mr. Meza was stopped on South Emerson, which runs between the highway and the beach. He was initially charged with reckless driving and released without bail, but an additional charge of fleeing a police officer was added last week at the recommendation of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. Both charges are misdemeanors.
    Romeo Pitt, 36, of Bridgehampton, was arrested for the second time in two weeks, both arrests stemming from  his alleged behavior toward an ex-girlfriend. On March 13, he allegedly sent the woman, who holds an order of protection against him, three text messages. The woman, who lives in Montauk, called East Hampton town police, who arrested Mr. Pitt, charging him with aggravated harassment and criminal contempt of a court order.
    Bail was set by Justice Lisa Rana at $500, which Mr. Pitt posted. Justice Rana warned him to have no further contact with the woman, but on March 25 the Montauk woman complained to police that he had called her on her cellphone. He was again arrested, on another misdemeanor charge of aggravated harassment, along with a more serious charge of criminal contempt of a court order in the first degree, a felony.
    Bail was set after the second arrest at $5,000.