Also on the Logs 04.25.13

Police received a call Friday reporting that an Atlantic Avenue house had had its roof damaged earlier this month. The caller said she had an ongoing feud over the property with her father, and suspected him of tearing shingles off the roof.
A longboard-style Original Pintail skateboard was stolen from outside Christine Ganeaux’s shop, Ganeaux, on Sunday afternoon. The multicolored board has green wheels and a black stripe down the center, and is valued at $300.
The six-foot-long blue wooden sign with white lettering that hung outside Beach Stop on Main Street disappeared two weekends ago. The store manager, Amy Pluchino, told police it was gone when she came in on the morning of April 13.
A house on Napeague Harbor Road was spray-painted earlier this month with graffiti in the form of a homophobic slur. Police are investigating.

East Hampton
A Shetland Court business was the target of graffiti artists late last month. Vandals spray-painted words on structures and Dumpsters on the property, in multiple colors.

East Hampton Village
Police received a report at about 9 a.m. on Sunday that a man in a white hoodie and black pants was “singing and acting strange” on Main Street. An officer checked, and reported back that that all appeared normal.
Bridget LeRoy found a Canon camera near the duck pond on David’s Lane on Saturday and turned it over to police.

Police came upon three cars parked outside the Montauk Lighthouse a little after midnight Sunday and found three Rubbermaid Seabreeze air fresheners missing from the restrooms there. A check of the cars turned up one freshener in each of them. Three men found nearby ran away, but eventually returned and were questioned by the officers, who confiscated the fresheners but allowed the men to leave after taking down their information. The matter was turned over to the state park police later that morning.
Robert Gosman found a 2001 Ford Mustang stuck in the sand at Gosman’s Dock Friday, outside the cottages that house summer employees. He told police the cottages are not yet open, and nobody should be there. The car’s owner appeared, and police warned him to stay off the property. A tow truck pulled the car out of the sand.
Ten slate paving stones were stolen from Tracy Stoloff’s Fort Pond Road driveway last week.

Sag Harbor
Police responding to a reported kayaker in distress off Havens Beach looked at the man through binoculars on April 16 and observed that all appeared well.
A 2012 Ford Mustang belonging to Thomas Hill was parked on Bay Street last week when it was sideswiped by a white van, which drove off without stopping.
A “suspicious male” was reported lurking in a car near the elementary school Friday afternoon. He turned out to be waiting for his children.
A man walking on Jermain Avenue Sunday morning saw a bicyclist drop $35 in cash and brought the money in to headquarters.
Theodore Syrianos found a cashier’s check in the amount of $34,363 near Emporium Hardware on Friday. He turned it over to the police.